Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When Fevers Mean Business

Oh quick update here.

My fever came raging back early this afternoon, accompanied by some pains that I should probably not explain on the internet. Another call to the doctor and I won myself a trip to the emergency room. By the time I got there my temperature was 103.2. If you wonder what it feels like to have that high of a fever as an adult. . . I'll just say that I actually spent a few moments praying that I wasn't about to die. I sat in the ER and cried at the prospect of being readmitted to the hospital. I've had enough; we've had enough. I know life is not fair, I know things can always be worse, but I was working up one heck of a pity party for myself at the thought of one more night in a hospital bed.

After some poking and prodding the ruling was that I have a raging kidney infection and a large dose of antibiotics was administered through a rather uncomfortable shot in the hip. This was not fun, but I can't tell you how grateful I was not to have to have another IV! Follow up antibiotics were prescribed and I was sent merrily on my way (after about four hours).

For his part, Michael has shown no ill-effects of my inability to visit with him today. I have decided not to take this personally. The good news is that the doctor said I was free to visit him as long as I didn't, and I quote, "Pee on him." I'm crossing my fingers that I feel okay in the morning and can get at least one visit in. I'm following a carefully charted plan of large doses of ibuprofen and large doses of Tylenol at various intervals in an attempt to keep the evil fever at bay.


Liz said...

oh my gosh. "pee on him"? haha. that is pretty funny. i know that was on your list of things to do: hold michael, feed michael, swaddle michael, pee on michael. ewww, crazy doctor. hope you are feeling better!

Erin said...

At least you don't have to worry about that one too much, "Oh, but I can't forget to use the BATHROOM and not PEE ON THE BABY!"

Kelsey, just because life isn't fair doesn't mean it is OKAY that you have been dealt this ridiculous set of circumstances. I feel terrible for you. Thanks again for calling last night. It was so great to hear your voice.

Swistle said...

I was nothing but alarmed/sober concern until you got to the doctor's instructions. Oh, DON'T pee on the baby? Those are kind of complicated instructions--maybe he should write them down. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Back to sober concern now. I agree with Erin: just because things can be worse doesn't mean that anything less than Absolute Worst is negligible or not TRULY AWFUL.

Mommy Daisy said...

You poor girl! You've had such a rough time. I don't think anyone can judge you with your complaints. In fact I think you've been rather graceous about it from where I sit. You take it easy and follow the doctor's orders, HA! I hope that you get to spend some time with Michael soon.

Emily said...

Oh. my. gosh. I mean, I know I'm not in charge here, but I think it's your turn for a break. I think you have had just about all a person should be expected to handle in, say, a month's time. I hope those antibiotics kick some kidney butt and that you are able to get over to see your weight-gaining son today!

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, you need a break! Hope everyone is feeling better and doing OK.

A Mom Two Boys said...

In the Doctor's defense pee is sterile and DOES have some medicinal properties. You know, if Michael were to be stung by a wayward NICU jellyfish, that might be your first reaction!

Found you by way of Baby on Bored. Sorry for the rough time you're going through, but soon enough that little bundle will be home and all will be right with the world. My step-sis just got to bring her triplet boys home from the NICU, so I know of what I speak!

Val said...

Haven't had a chance to pop in and catch up, but I did today, and I just want to say congrats, Michael is beautiful and doing so well, can't wait to hear the next update!

As for the insane crying episodes, oh my, with my first I was a basketcase after about a week post-partum. I cried b'c my daughter was so beautiful. I cried b'c my husband was so sweet with her. I cried b'c my mom brought my baby book. I cried b'c I loved everyone so much. I cried b'c I was tired. B'c I hurt. B'c I didn't get a shower or a decent nap. You name it, it set me off. Totally normal, yet even knowing that, does not make it easy to go through. My crying jags lasted for about two weeks then began to fade. Of course I still get weepy b'c I'm a sap like that, but nothing like the tears that flowed following my daughter's birth.

Oh - and the feeling overwhelmed and guilty at the same time? We've all been there, and it's okay to throw a pity party, b'c let's face, it - it sucks! Wallow in your pity me persona for a while, then move on to the business of being a mommy! Yay!!!!!!!!!