Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hanging In There

Sorry things have been quiet. I actually only had to spend one night over in the PICU, which was a relief. . . but I felt like I needed to take a little blogging break. I'm torn between wanting to record every single detail of this experience (Sooo exciting for you, I know!), and not wanting to dwell on some of the things that are difficult about each day.

Thank you to everyone who is leaving blog comments and sending emails. I think I've said this before and I'll probably say it again, but it really does make a huge difference to know that people are thinking of us, pulling for us, praying for us, etc. I know I'm not doing anything that any of you wouldn't do in a heartbeat, and I'm certainly not doing it as gracefully as I might, but it is still meaningful when other people acknowledge the fact that this is a difficult situation.

They had to move my IV site again. Certainly there are many things that could be wrong here, but right now that is one of the most difficult things. This time it also took three different sticks to find an acceptable place (for a total of fifteen times in the last eight days). At this point, when I find out it has to be moved again, it is borderline traumatic. Big sigh. I am becoming a human pin cushion. Which, frankly, is not something I'd ever really hoped to add to my resume.

If I'm going to look on the bright side of things, I have to say, the nurses here have been fairly awesome. And there are a handful that I really love. I have been here long enough that I'm genuinely surprised when someone new walks into this room, though it happens on occasion. I won't share the gritty details, but they deal with so many unpleasant things. . . I'm continually in awe of the things they do as though they are no big deal. I know it is all just part of their job, but still. I really like that they take the time to answer questions and don't seem to mind. They also make an effort to stay with a patient, so there are a handful of nurses I've had many times now and it is really nice when someone familiar walks through the door. I can't imagine what we can possibly do to thank them when all of this is behind us, but it will have to be something good!


In less-hospitalish news Harper is now willing to at least talk to me on the phone most days. She rattles off details of her morning or evening like guy from the old Fed-Ex commercials. I get the biggest kick out of it when she tells me that, "We're all fine at my house."

You know, when we named Harper, we liked the idea that her name was fairly unique. However in the last week I've become aware of two uses of the name in the media that make me think it might be one of those names that might become really popular in the years to come. Tonight a new female character, named Harper, showed up on LOST of all places. Earlier this week Matt's mom saw someone named Harper on the Disney Channel! Oh help! We actually aren't sure if the Disney Channel thing was just a one time deal or if there is a character named Harper on one of their shows. Anyone know? I have done so much explaining of her name to people, it would seem strange if it just became common.

And on that random note, I leave you for tonight. 31 weeks and 2 days pregnant and counting. . .


Hillary said...

Now, I think you should name the little baby boy one of three names. And I know you know where they're all from.

1. Jem
2. Dill
3. Atticus

And my vote if for Atticus because he is the BEST character in all of literature. Ever. Enough said.

Love ya girl. Keep going! You're doing really well!

Mommy Daisy said...

I'm glad to hear you're hanging in there. Man, you will be glad when they finally take that IV out. What a pain.

Oh, Harper, what a cutie. It's funny how names become popular like that. I think we all get the same ideas at the same time. Crazy.

Giselle said...

Thank you so much for updating! I can't imagine what a pain it must be...but I appreciate the info. ;)

I should just CALL you when I wonder what's up, but I'm just such a big ball of whining and complaining right now...and I have NO right to do that to you. ;) Maybe I should call you as therapy. So excited that you are almost 32 weeks. I remember that being a big milestone for babies in utero. Hope he hangs in there.

Erin said...

Crazy about Harper showing up on Lost AND the Disney Channel. Don't worry about it. More Harpers in the world is a GOOD THING!

Swistle said...

I think it's that our society leans as a whole towards or away from names. If one person thinks the name Harper sounds awesome and fresh and new, so will a huge group of other people. I think the only way to get away from it is to choose a name like Hortense.

Lil Mouse said...

hey, glad to hear from you, that you're still out there and still pregnant. Every time you update, I update my husband. He doesnt have a clue of course, but he gets enough to understand that 31 is a ways from 40 and that the longer he hears about it, the better it is for you guys. Here's hoping that it's quite a while yet. Glad Harper is gaining some independence, she could turn into quite a little helper with a little guidance from whoever is watching her nowadays. maybe they could practice on diaper changes-- now i need powder, now I need wipes, etc! I bet that would help you out a ton!

well, that's it from me, I'm just out here in the midwest causing way too much trouble for my own good. hang in there! Oh, how about one of those edible flowers baskets.. the ones made of fruit. -- that way they could come in, 'pick' some and go!

Anonymous said...

Emily said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are still hanging in there. You are such a trooper! And I'm surprised to hear about Harper's name, too. Crazy! And I can't imagine the PAIN of all those IV sticks. When I was hospitalized for mono and pneumonia a few years ago, I remember that all I wanted them to do was take out the stupid IV. So ugh. I feel for you.
P.S. I was also relieved to notice you commenting on a couple of people's blogs - so I knew you were ok even though you hadn't posted. :) So that's reassuring, too.

Anne said...

Hang in there, girl!

I caught the Harper on Lost last night, too. And of course was reintroduced to her husband, Goodwin. There are also a few other Others with last-name first names, but some with distinctly first-name first names. I'm beginning to wonder if that's on purpose?

So what I'm saying is, if I'm right about the names on the show, then your Harper is infinitely cooler than the Harper on Lost because her name is her first name, not a nickname. See?


desperate housewife said...

I am sorry about the IV thing. I hate IV's; I hated the IV more than I hated my contractions, most of the time. Your arm is probably nothing but bruises, huh?
BTW, I love Harper's name!

Anonymous said...

I came over from Back To Me to check in and let you know you have my prayers. Keep the faith, you pin cushion you.