Monday, February 04, 2008

A Note About Shoes

I spent a ridiculous amount of time earlier today trying to find these specific shoes on Target's website, but they don't seem to be carrying them at this point in time. Which is a shame.

Anyway. . . In a recent experience that I'm hoping is a perfectly reasonable step on the potty training curve, Harper didn't make it to the toilet in time and peed all over her shoes (among other things). Which is frustrating because they are not canvas, which are clearly throw in the wash material, or that fake leather/vinyl, which is easily wiped/disinfected outside the washing machine. No, these are suede-like and therefore merely wiping them off did not seem like a good solution; however, I was reluctant to put them in the washing machine.

Harper wears these shoes constantly (one of two pairs she wears 98% of the time) and, since I didn't want her feet smelling like a toilet, I decided to take my chances with the washing machine. I ended up putting them through the washer and the dryer and they came out just fine!

I am posting this information for others who may have similar children's shoes (Swistle?) and might someday find yourself wondering if you can wash them. The answer is yes.

You're welcome.


desperate housewife said...

Thanks! Addy has shoes practically identical, and has peed on her feet more than once, so this knowledge is bound to come in handy!

Swistle said...

I am VERY GLAD to have this information!