Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blue's Clues!

My younger brother, Harper's Uncle Jamie, attends school at a university not far from our home. A few weeks ago he'd forwarded me an email about a Blue's Clues even they were holding at the university bookstore. So we all bundled up yesterday morning and headed out to see Blue.

Harper was a little freaked out by Blue herself, and it's kind of hard to blame her, look at the size of that head!

At least it went better than last year's Elmo fiasco.

Harper enjoyed coloring a picture of Blue (for several seconds at least), making her own "Handy Dandy Notebook," and sporting a pair of Blue's Clues ears in the car on the way to lunch.

Unfortunately, on the way home from lunch, she peeled the lighter blue spots of the ears. With each one she'd announce from the backseat that, "The spot came off!" in a woeful voice. My response was something along the lines telling her to stop picking at them. Which she of course denied doing.


Has anyone else every found three-year-old curiosity to border on the destructive side?


Jamie said...

A shout-out in the blog... SWEET! It was great to see you all yesterday...

Laura said...

Yeah, okay, Blue's head is frightfully oversized! It looks like she handled her well though.

It's good that you keep taking her to these special character filled events. She probably thinks she is the luckiest girl in the world to meet Blue and come home with a new pair of floppy ears! Cute.

Also, nice shopping... I noticed that Harper has the same NB shoes as Elaina which she is (too) quickly outgrowing. Loved them!