Monday, February 25, 2008


Update: Still pregnant. BUT NOT AT HOME!

When I went for my tests today the ultrasound showed my amniotic fluid was low. I then had a minorly unpleasant exam after which the doctor determined my water had broken.


-Due to the amount of "old blood" discharge I've had, it is apparently possible to also be leaking amniotic fluid and not realize it.

So I have been readmitted to the hospital where I will now officially stay until the baby is born. The goal is to get to 34 weeks (I'll be 30 tomorrow) at which point the risk of infection from my water having broken outweighs the benefit of the baby not being born. So if I make it to 34 weeks, we will then have a baby. Looks like Littlest is likely to be born in March instead of May. In fact he will certainly be born in March, as long as he doesn't demand to be born in the next four days.

There you have it. Everyone please send me staying pregnant vibes.


Lil Mouse said...

stay pregnant, stay pregnant, stay pregnant.. oh we are worrying for you and hoping it's all okay... sending a hug and those foods you like mentally to you. have your hubby sneak some in!

Hillary said...

I will say a prayer every single day for you Kelsey. Stay pregnant! Love you tons! I'm thinking of you.

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, Kelsey, this stinks. I'll be thinking about and praying for you. Everything will be fine. I don't know if you remember reading about it, but my husband's cousin was at the hospital with complications at 20 weeks along. She had her babies at 24 weeks. I have to say, I'm glad you're so much farther along. But her little girl is at home and doing great now. Things have a way of working out.

Laura said...

*Deep Breath* This isn't what I wanted to read about. I'm so sorry that the thought of being in the hospital for this amount of time so much stinks. Just remember that these 4-6 weeks out of your life (and I'm saying 6 so little boy can bake longer) is a small price to pay for such an incredible reward in the long run. The bright side is that both of you are safe, under the very best very care and Harper is getting spoiled rotten by her Dad and the rest of your family. And I know how much you want to be doing the same but you have a greater role right now and that is nurturing and growing your son.

Hang in there. My heart goes out to you with strength and prayers for you all. Keep up the good work Momma! You're doing just fine!

Sassy said...

This really sucks. *fingers crossed* the next four weeks go smoothly for you.

Alexandra said...

Man, that sucks. I'll be praying for you and keeping my Fingers crossed for you and the little guy. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine.

Giselle said...

Oh, Kelsey. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Pregnancy stinks to begin with...all this worry and stress just SUCKS. I am sending HUGE vibes that he stays put. But at least he's already 30 weeks. Like you said, every day counts so much. And you know he will be just fine, even if he's born's just how long he'll have to camp out in the hospital.

I can't believe you're going to beat me to delivery day. Strange.

Erin said...

You know I am thinking about you. All the time sweetheart. Stay pregnant! Stay pregnant!

Every day counts.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I spent 41 days on hospital bedrest. If you need anything ( well, reassurance, I'm in Virginia so I can't bring you anything) e-mail me.

I suggest a laptop and "War and Peace".

Swistle said...

I have unpleasant little neck chills reading this---combined with, inappropriately, excitement that the baby will be here soon. I will hope for him to stay put, and for him to be healthy and strong when he is born next month.

Anonymous said...

My stay pregnant vibes are with you sweetie (although if you have to deliver aim for March 18 - rockstars are born that day - AKA - me!). Cried when Shanny told me you where in the hospital. You are family bi-proxi! Love you - Kristin

Marie Green said...

Oh. my. Stay pregnant! Every day will make a difference, so hang in there! My bff delivered at 32 weeks- about 1 week after her water broke, and her baby was JUST FINE. She spent only 7 days in the hospital and then went home!

Hang in there and keep us posted!