Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ways in Which The Hospital is Very Considerate

Since I was all complain-y yesterday, I thought I would take today and fill you in on all the fascinating aspects of this experience which are not entirely unpleasant.

First, the bed.

I have been in three different types of hospital beds since I was first admitted on February 10. The first was a labor and delivery bed, which are not at all comfortable. The second was a "normal" hospital bed, which was slightly more comfortable than the L&D bed, but quickly lost its appeal. The third bed is the type I'm in now - which is some kind of mysterious, magical bed. The mattress adjusts itself in response to your weight and the position you are sitting/resting in! It's a bed from the future! Apparently some people find this unnerving because it does sort of randomly inflate and deflate various spaces along the bed, but this is the first time in nearly three weeks that my tailbone and hips haven't constantly hurt from being in bed all the time. It is even more comfortable than my bed at home, especially for sitting up in.

If at some point I find out what this specific kind of bed is called, I will post it and you will memorize it so you can request one, should you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Second, the water.

I know water is a pretty basic human need, but I have always had trouble remembering/being motivated to drink enough of it. But here I have a water "pitcher" which is really a huge plastic cup with a lid and straw. And the nurses, and patient care technicians, are constantly asking me if I need fresh water. So I always have a plentiful supply of icy cold water to guzzle. It's great! (The having to go to the bathroom every 45 minutes to an hour, not so much, but all that water is good for the baby.)

Third, the food.

You are probably laughing, but the food here is awesome. I am in a special section of the hospital which is designated as a "women's health pavillion." All the maternity stuff is here and probably some other things as well. Now the rest of the hospital has a more traditional meal situation, in which you are just brought a standard meal three times a day. But that is not how we roll in the women's health pavillion. I am not kidding at all when I tell you that I order my meals just like room service. There are generous hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When I'm hungry I just dial nutrition and tell them what I want. Literally.

There is a great menu with a fair amount of choices. For breakfast you get a main entree and three sides. For lunch and dinner you get a main entree and four sides. It's fairly ridiculous. I always make one of my sides a bag of pretzels or something I can save for later or to offer to visitors because the meals are huge. I'm not sure "portion control" is something the women's pavillion food service is very good at. Here are some of the choices I have: sandwhiches - made to order, burgers, grilled chicken, grilled salmon (which I don't like, but can you believe that's a choice?), personal pizzas, pasta, wraps, quasedillas, caesar salad, belgian waffles, omletes - made to order, and the list goes on. When I am ready, I just pick up my menu and order. A revolution is hospital food.

Fourth, the shower.

Yes, I am thankfully allowed to take a shower. And, while small, I am so appreciative of the fact that the shower features both satisfying water pressure and plenty of hot water. Do not underestimate the restorative power of a decent shower. Even when an annoyingly placed IV means you have to wash your hair one-handed, it is so nice to get up and take a shower.

And that, my friends, is a detailed list of hospital silver linings.


samantha Jo Campen said...

I had the same bed! At first I was in L&D until they determined I wouldn't deliver, then they moved me to The Magic Bed. And the button to adjust sitting up or laying down? Genius. I miss that too.

It sounds like you have the same hospital food situation as at my place. It's amazing. I actually had a CRAVING for this veggie hummus wrap thing I used to have every day for lunch. And my mom can't wait to go back in a few weeks for the birth and get the chicken fingers. That room service ROCKS.

Sadly, I never got to take a shower. Glad you've got a good one. And I'm sure it has a seat so that's a bonus too! Plus a bathroom you don't have to clean? Priceless.

Glad you're in good spirits. And thanks for posting--I was going nuts waiting to hear something! :-)

martialartsdiva said...

It makes sense! I've heard that hospitals are especially attentive to pregnant women because it is the women that make the healt care decisions for the family. If they can make a fan out of you, chances are good that they'll have three more customers. MAKE THEM EARN IT, Momma! Of course, if you turn into a diva and the nurses unexpectedly wake you up to have blood drawn every half hour all night long, you didn't hear it from me.

Hillary said...

Wow! Can I move there and deliver whenever I get pregnant? I'm impressed. In all honesty, you hadn't posted all day. So, I was getting a little nervous that the little one had arrived today. I'm glad he has decided to stay put. Thinking of you!

Swistle said...

The maternity ward where I deliver has a similar food system. They tell you apologetic things like that they only serve dinner until x:00, but of course you can call down for a LIMITED number of things at ANY time: deli sandwiches, fruit, muffins, bagels, cookies, cheese plates, etc.

No wonder I keep going back.

Mommy Daisy said...

Wow, I'm really jealous of the food there. My hospital food wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either.

I was like that with water too. I was hospitalized early on in my pregnancy and I started drinking lots of water. It helped to carry that giant jug around for the remainer of the pregnancy and of course while nursing. Then I got out of that habit and I know I don't normally drink enough water now.

Thank goodness for the good things.

Jen said...

I've delivered all 3 of my kids at the hospital you are at, but only got to experience the wonderful catered food with our youngest. It was awesome, especially since I'd just been released from my gestational diabetes diet. I filled up on those yummy belgian waffles and cinnamon rolls. They definitely give you way too much food, but it was nice to have plenty to save for snacks later on. Glad to hear the littlest is staying put for now!

Lil Mouse said...

crazy. my mom said years ago they treated the women really good as far as food went and that was almost 30 years ago, more than 30 when my brothers were both born, so that's pretty neat that its like that. and i totally agree in saving for later. you never know when a pretzel will fill in a little crack. and if your hubby was like mine, i had to BEG him to remember to eat, he was in such a hurry to get back to me during my hospital stay that he only ate once a day. poor thing!

desperate housewife said...

Just getting caught up- so sorry you're back in the hospital! Sending good, non-labor vibes your way! And also, congrats on the awesome food! Some days I miss being on bedrest, just because of the whole people-have-to-bring-you-food-whenever-you-want thing. I don't miss the dragging your iv to the toilet every hour part, though.