Friday, February 22, 2008

Timing is Everything

My sister arrived last night. It was a long weekend for the school where she works as a social worker so my dad arranged a plane ticket for her to come down here and lend a hand. It started snowing here yesterday and now there is layer of ice on top of everything, but her plane still managed to land safely. If she'd waited until this morning I doubt she would have made it here. Timing.

Last night Harper woke up several times, crying, and had a very difficult time falling back asleep. When she woke up this morning it was evident that she had a cold. No fever (yet) but her nose is stuffy and she says her throat hurts and you can tell she is generally uncomfortable -- mostly because of all the whining.

I find it heartbreaking when Harper is sick. Kids can't even take any of the good drugs to help them feel better. If she's crying because I won't let her eat Doritos for breakfast it doesn't bother me at all. But this afternoon she woke up from her nap three times, just sobbing, and it was all I could do not to start sobbing myself. Like all children, Harper requires much more attention when she's sick, so it works out nicely that Shannon is here to provide my mom with some support. Timing.

Hopefully timing will be on our side again and Harper will get over her cold in time to go back to school on Monday.

Nothing else new to report from here on the bed. I appreciate knowing that people are checking in to see how we're doing. I'm still pregnant -- which is great news at this point. I went back to the hospital for some tests yesterday (we were there for three hours!) and the baby is still doing well and there is enough fluid around him, which is something they are watching closely. We go back again Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week. Hey, at least it gets me out of bed!

Bonus points to anyone who updates his/her blog this weekend -- I appreciate things to read.!


Lil Mouse said...

i'm so happy for you. and i'm a part of blog 365 so i have to update every day. also, i have a ton of links to the left on my blog of others in blog 365 that update every day as well.

Mommy Daisy said...

Yeah for good timing on your sister's part. (We had a lady flying into Dayton for a woman's conference this weekend, and she got redirected and luckily landed in Columbus. That's doable. At least she's here. We're hoping her luggage is too. I'm sure the lady's will have fun.)

Poor Harper. I hope this cold's a quick one.

Yeah for still being pregnant and the few moments to get out of the house. Keep it up.

Erin said...

Hi Auntie Shannon!

Sorry we didn't get to talk yesterday. Can you believe I WAS HOME AGAIN?

Also, I think Cal had that same cold. He ran a fever for a day and now is back to his normal self. Hope it runs it's course as fast with Harper.

Anonymous said...

Kels - I miss my roomy (shh don't tell her) so I thought I'd check in and see how she's doing. Glad to hear that you are doing well. Sorry to hear that Harper is getting sick. Hope you all make a speedy recovery. My best friend has a fabulous blog (not as good as yours of course) that I absolutely love so if you run out of blogs to check feel free to look in at Hayden...


desperate housewife said...

Boy, I hear ya on the frustration of listening to your baby cry and not being able to go comfort her yourself. This was by far the roughest part, emotionally, of bedrest for me. Just be VERY gentle with yourself until this baby comes, physically and otherwise. The first few months after Eli was born were so strange for me, due to just getting over an illness, getting used to being allowed to even walk around and DO things for myself, having just given birth, adjusting to having two kids... So my best advise is just to go easy with the guilt and the expectations you put on yourself, as much as possible!
I hope these weeks just fly by for you and you're holding your healthy baby soon!