Monday, February 04, 2008

Put it With Some Letters

After all that talk about thrilling topics such as shoes! and painting! you are probably ready for a cute Harper anecdote. Right?

So Harper has been woefully neglected while we've been a) sick and b) cleaning out, so it is hard to blame her for going totally insane over the last few days and becoming nearly unmanageable. Still, she manages to throw some cute in among all the not-so-much. One of the things she was doing to entertain herself yesterday was "drawing" us pictures on a Magna Doodle. At one point last night she drew something for me that was, apparently, really special and thought I should take a picture of it and send it to people.

"How will I send it to people?" I asked her.

"Get the picture and the put it with some letters on it. And put it in the mail."

Harper pauses.

"Then people will say, 'Oh yook! The letter mail came. Wow! That's so great, I can't take my breath anymore.'"

I think she was trying to say it would take their breath away? I have no idea. But it cracked me up anyway.

And now, Harper in a raincoat:


Anonymous said...

Harper takes my breath away every day.



Laura said...

Kids have a solution for just about everything don't they? Why didn't you think of that?

Erin said...

Awww. I love Grandpa's comment.

Are you getting good use out of that raincoat? Because we're about to start construction on our ark over here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelsey! I've been an infrequent visitor since your Christmas letter... am about 15 weeks along with my first babe and find your blog to be a much needed dose of laughter & reality... so thanks :) It's nice to follow along from a distance! Peace, Kristi (florida cousin)