Friday, February 08, 2008

Everything that is Right with Preschool

Look! Harper is an owl. Harper's wondering if you know that, "Owls sleep at the day and wake up at the night?!" She's pretty excited about that. Also? They say "hoot, hoot, hoot."

I know we didn't have to send Harper to preschool for her to learn either of those things about owls. However there is a big difference between her learning it at preschool and learning it at home. When she learns something at preschool she is proud of it and loves to tell me, just in case I don't know. When she learns something at home (Newsflash: Happens all the time kiddo!) she doesn't necessarily stop to throw herself a parade. Kids these days take so much for granted!

Here is another great thing about preschool: Pajama Day. Last Wednesday was Pajama Day so Harper got to wear her pjs to school -- blew her little mind. And it isn't like we've, ahem, never worn pajamas all day at home either.

Adding to the excitement of Pajama Day was the fact that she was able to bring her stuffed cat, Scout, to school with her. That's Scout peeking out of the backpack.

Every day when I go to pick Harper up from school she greets me by saying how school is so! much! fun! And as we drive home and eat lunch I get nibbles of the details: she was the helper, there were bananas for snack, Brady wore an orange shirt, she painted a boat, they sang the weather watcher song, etc. I'm starting to get a better idea of the structure of her day. It's like being handed pieces of a puzzle, but not the whole picture, and every fifth piece or so really adds to the clarity with which I understand her experience.

It has only been a few weeks, but I am so glad we jumped at this experience, difficult as it seemed it might be, because when Harper gets up in the morning and I tell her it's a school day, her whole face lights up.

(Hopefully you aren't sick of hearing about school yet, because I have LOTS more to say about it, but that's all for tonight.)


I know it is getting to be a little late in the day, but if you're reading this and you haven't done so already, you really should hop over to visit Erin and wish her a happy birthday and speedy recovery from the stomach flu. Erin's good people. She's one of my favorites on the Internet and also in "real life." Get to know her, you won't be sorry.


Mommy Daisy said...

Harper is adorable. I think it's great that she loves school so much. And I'm not tired of hearing about it yet.

Erin said...

Awww girl! You made me get all weepy there at the end. I was cruising along, smiling at the great Harper-school stories and then WEEP WEEP WEEP. Thanks sister.

I love the Harper stories. I'm so glad it is working out so well for her. I bed the other kids in her class go home and tell funny Harper stories. You're raising a winner, for sure.