Monday, February 04, 2008

Before Pictures

It is February. Littlest is due in early May, but I won't be at all surprised if he arrives in late April. And if it is February? And we have a baby in April? That's like saying the kid will be here in TWO MONTHS!!! TIME TO PANIC!!!

Okay, I understand the flawed thinking there, but Littlest's arrival is starting to feel decidedly closer and we are getting things done. If you have even peeked inside our "guest room" in the last few months you will know that completely emptying it was nothing short of a miracle. And, despite the illness which leveled Matt and I last week, we had to empty the room because today the painter showed up. I really wish I had thought to take before pictures when the room was full, but at least I remembered to do it pre-painting.

The bed in the room is going to become Harper's bed, although the bedding will change. Unfortunately the picture depicts rather accurately the heinous golden/yellow shag carpeting that will not change. We are putting room darkening shades in and updating the paint, but there was simply no budget for flooring. And really, the carpet in a kids' room is likely to be destroyed anyway, right? (Just go ahead and tell me I'm right.) The carpet in our master bedroom is ugly as well and I've gotten really good at ignoring it. So once the new bedding and pretty walls and other furniture are in place, we'll all just agree to avert our eyes from the carpet, okay?

This bedroom is nearly the only room in the house that hasn't been improved in some fashion (flooring, window treatments, paint, etc.) since we moved in three years ago. It will not be magically transformed into a complete room right away. We'll need to do some thinking about what to put on the walls and some sort of fabric to soften the look of the shades, etc. but I think it will still make a huge difference to have the painting done and windows covered.

My mom is coming to visit the last week of this month (Yay! Hi Mom!) and will probably be the last official guest in that room before it becomes Harper's. Her mission might very well be to help me clean out the closet (not as bad as doing the rest of the room, but still, yikes!)

So there you have our "before" pictures and commentary. Oh, and much to Harper's joy, the room will be pink. But, um, not too pink. As far as pink goes we picked a fairly subtle shade.


Swistle said...

That carpet is not bad. In fact, I have a recliner that color, and I've come to appreciate its goldenness.

Lil Mouse said...

are you going to do a belly pic?

Laura said...

I can't wait to see the "after" with new paint. I think it's a very nice room and love all of the windows!

Yeah, and mark me down for a vote for a belly pic!