Thursday, February 21, 2008

Harper Would Like the Floor

My mom moved Harper's little table into the bedroom today so we could all eat lunch together. Apparently my mom and I were talking too much because Harper piped up and said a very loud, "Excuse me!" So we paused and looked at her. And she didn't say anything. And we kept talking. Then we heard:

"Hey! I didn't say excuse me for a fart, I said excuse me because I wanted a turn to talk!"

Then she sang part of a song about mashed potatoes.


Laura said...


I am just about to fall out of seat laughing! Oh NO... that is too funny!

What a goofy, little lady!

Marie Green said...

Well, at least she says "excuse me" when interrupting you... My girls USED to do that, now they are not quite so polite. We're working on it.... *sigh*

I love that she couldn't think of anything to say at first, and then came up with a song about mashed potatoes! What a kid! =)

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh man, that's great. That will give me something to laugh about all day. Ha.

Emily said...

That is SO funny. Just like night I told Brian that I would prefer he use the word "toot" around Katy, because I can just hear her saying that around mixed company. :) But he thinks I'm weird like that (certain words that I don't like).

samantha Jo Campen said...

Well, it was very nice she clarified :-)

And I love mashed potatoes, so I would enjoy knowing the lyrics to that song!!!

Hillary said...

Who knew "fart" and "mashed potatoes" were closely linked in Harper's mind? I love her silly comments!