Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh Dear

First of all thank you for all of your suggestions accompanying my last post. I will try to remember to update you when we actually take action on any of those items. Right now the nesting/cleaning out has slowed because the plague going around these parts finally landed on our house.

Matt was sick at the beginning of the week and is finally back at work today, though he may have to work from home this afternoon if I don't feel like I can pick Harper up from school. I can officially say that he was totally justified in acting miserable, now that I have been felled by the same bug. I cannot wait for my OB's office to open so I can call to find out which drugs I am allowed to take in some attempt at relief, although I'm afraid I'm not going to like the answer. In case you are wondering the specifics of this virus are fever, sore throat, coughing, headache, and feeling like you might have whiplash. Fun!

I am totally kicking myself because I told several people yesterday that surely Harper and I would be feeling sick already if we were also going to get it and it looked like we had dodged this one. I started to eat my words around 5:30 last night. And now I'm thinking I should basically never be allowed to speak again.

I was also all set to write more about school, which is going swimmingly for Harper, but instead I should probably go get her ready. Don't worry, she is not symptomatic (yet) or I wouldn't send her. And, for some unknown reason, they are off tomorrow so she'll have time to get sick and get better before things start up again on Monday.

I'll be back when sitting up makes me feel a little less like my head is going to fall off.


Mommy Daisy said...

Oh no, I hope you're feeling better soon. Being sick while pregnant is miserable. My OB only ever let me take Tylenol, Malox, Cepacol Throat Lozenges, and Robitussin DM. That was it. It was no fun, but I survived. I will pray yours goes away quickly. At least it's an option for Matt to come home if you need him. That's a good thing. Get some rest!!

Erin said...

Shucks girl. SORRY. Sounds a bit like the flu. Could this time of year suck ANY MORE? NO. NO IT COULD NOT.