Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby Name Time

Who's ready to talk baby names?

This is the fun part, at least for me. For all you know, this coming baby is already named. Whether that's true or not, I'd still love to hear your input.

So here is what you know:

-the baby is a boy

-his sister's name is Harper

-that's about it

At this point I am not going to say anything about our preferences for traditional vs. nontraditional names. Let's just go ahead and pretend we have no preconceived qualifications for naming this little guy. I will say that our last name ends with and "s" sound so maybe a first name that also ends that way is not a great choice, otherwise it's wide open. Our last name is not difficult in terms of how it sounds in combination with other names.

I am looking for first and middle name suggestions!

Oh, and if you know us in a non-online way, make sure not to use our last name in the comments.



Jamie said...

JuanPaco Ruiz

Jamie said...

Okay, seriously... How about Anthony David? For some reason, I've always liked that name.

Swistle said...

ME ME ME! I'M ready to talk baby names!

I of course turn to this book, which is my total go-to book for the scoop on baby names.

Harper isn't listed on its own (bet it'll be in the next edition), or I'd list what the author suggests as sibling names. The name Harper DOES come up as the suggested sister name for several BOY names, though, so that's useful: Beckett and Holden.

The name Harper also appears in a list of what the author considers similar names: trade names. Names I like from this list include: Archer (Archie is sounding cute again), Baxter, Carter, Chapman, Fletcher, Forester, Miller, Porter, Sawyer, Spencer, Thatcher, Turner, and Walker.

I am, as you know, a fan of the name Oliver. I also like Henry, Milo, Leo, Charlie---I know, I'm a follower, but I like the names!

I also like basic boy names. Michael, for example. It's a great name, and I think of it as "common" and yet we don't know a single child named Michael. I like John even better, and it's the same thing: there are two Noahs in Rob's class and two Williams in William's class, but no Johns or Michaels.

Giselle said...

I KNEW Swistle would have a ton of suggestions to you.

I seems to remember when I was at your house, you said that there was a certain letter the boy's name needed to start with to keep up with a tradition in your family. Is that still true? Because that would help narrow it down a bit. ;)

Lil Mouse said...

We like Matthew (duh, hubby's name).. you've hit on one of my favorite subjects.. although I think boys are harder to name than girls.. let's see... Hayden, Jason, Chase, Clay, Carter, Nicholas, Peter, Quinn, Cody, Ryan, Samuel, Trent(on), Wesley, someone i know named their baby Davin... you could check out more ideas over at Hollow Squirrel. She is also pg with boy and due soon. I have a link to her blog off of my site...

Laura said...

I think you did an awesome job with choosing Harper's name. I've never heard that used before and now I love it and to look at her, it fits her beautifully.

I love thinking about baby names too, it's such a crucial part of their identity so you know how important it is right from the beginning.

The boy names that I loved (in addition to Lincoln :-) were Grant, Sawyer, Nathan, Tyson(don't laugh) Cole and Carson (or Carter).

There are my favorites! I can't wait to see what you surprise us with. Will you be revealing your name choice prior to the big day?

Erin said...

I really like Swistle's suggestions, so I mostly feel like she stole mine ;-)

I love LOVE the name Archie. In a serious way. Lurrrrve it.

But since I'm just here to second Swistle, I'll also give a little shout out for.... (drum roll please!).... JEROME! JEROME! JEROME!

Harper and Jerome. Jerome Titus. Harper Ann and Jerome Titus. It doens't get any better.

Anonymous said...

Harper and Daddy still believe that the name will be Nemo Sebastian.

Mommy Daisy said...

Hmm, I remember there being an initial thing for your husbands family tradition, but I can't remember it. Obviously it starts with an M. I was going to comment on this yesterday, but I wanted to think about it. Here's the name that keeps coming to mind Mitchell. Here are some other M names I like, because I can't think of anything else. I can't get Mitchell out of my mind, hmm.

Mitchell, Marek, Mark, Matthias, Max, Micah (love, but won't use for myself), Milo.

Anonymous said...

If a boy ever appears in our family, Seth's new favorite name is Moses. I know what you're thinking -- "that's the perfect name!" -- but, unfortunately, it ends in the "s" sound. (Good thing, too, because I'm sure you'd want to fight Seth for that one.)

We know a recently-born child that was named Huckleberry. I am not kidding. They are calling him Huck for short. (This is a rare instance in which I prefer the nickname to the actual name.)

I hope you are doing well. Good to talk with you the other day. Have a great time with Dough -- I am sending something with her for you. Love you, Tracy

Kate said...

Here's another name book
that Giselle turned me on to will help you eliminate names without needing to consult your husband (because it predicts their objections for you).

If I was crazy enough to have another child and it was a boy, I absolutely love the name Grant.

Anonymous said...

Hi...here's my two cents. I'm of course partial to: Maxwell Peter, (always loved the name Peter so I might use that if we continue our tradition of having boys) and Benjamin Robert (not crazy about Robert but wanted to use my dad's name). I also absolutely love the name Jack and i think it would go great with your last name! You could do John Michael and call him Jack... :) Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I just had a baby, and if it was a girl, I wanted to use the name Harper. I already have a boy, and his name is Gavin. I thought Harper and Gavin went well together, kind of the same "type" of names...does that make sense?
HOWEVER, had another boy and his name is Gage. Gage and Harper sound well together too!
Can't wait to see what you decide!