Saturday, November 05, 2011


We're having the perfect kind of weekend around here - things to do, but not too many.

Today Matt took Harper downtown for a performance in a family theater series we subscribed to - they saw a percussion show. Think Stomp for kids... While they did that, Matt's father took Michael to a local arena for a train show - he was in heaven! Since I was child free for a couple of hours I did some damage at Hallmark. I was able to get our ornaments for this year, holiday wrapping paper, gift tags, and the birthday and anniversary cards I need for the next three months. It was incredibly pleasant to do all of that without worrying about what little hands were finding while I was distracted.

Tonight we are having another couple over to our house to play a card game that is well loved in our family. It's not a big or fancy affair, but I'm thrilled at the idea of more social time with adults. I feel like I should have something larger planned, since they are going to the trouble of getting a babysitter and everything. Hopefully we'll have enough fun that they'll think it was worthwhile.

Tomorrow afternoon Harper has basketball at the rec center and I'm planning on taking her to a local children's theater production of Gooney Bird Green. Between children's theater, community theater, and high schools in this area I think we could see a different show every weekend!

We'll round things out by having dinner with Matt's parents tomorrow night.

This will be our last sort of "easy" weekend this month. Birthday celebrations will take place over the next two weekends, followed by Thanksgiving weekend in Wisconsin. Before we know it DECEMBER will be here! Time flies.

And speaking of time flying, check out this growing up smile:

You may not be able to tell without enlarging the photo, but Harper has finally lost those first eight baby teeth. Her middle front ones are nearly all the way in and she continues to look ridiculously grown up to me... She will be seven in less than two weeks. In related news, I'm old.


Swistle said...

Teeth make such a HUGE difference. (In fact, I take each kid for a portrait session when the two center top ones come out, because it seems to me like it marks The End/Beginning of Something.) Edward and Elizabeth are not yet 6 and a half, and Edward has one missing front tooth and one grown-up front tooth, and Elizabeth still has both baby front teeth, and Edward looks older than Elizabeth but both of them look so much younger than Harper now!

CARRIE said...

Love your last line. I'm old too. And I really like baby teeth.

Giselle said...

The teeth change everything! Last year's school pictures, Andrew still had his baby teeth. This year he has these honking huge teeth. He looks 8 years older.

And what's with the "finally" lost her teeth? Andrew just lost the last of his 8 teeth...and he'll be 8 years old in a few weeks. And he's not considered too late for loosing least amongst his friends. Was Harper generally an early tooth loser, and the last one just hung on for a long time? Lily got her teeth so late (she only had 2 at 1 year old), I'm anticipating that she won't lose her teeth until she's 10 ;) I just hope Michael doesn't beat her...that would be a crushing ego blow.

Chris said...

It WAS worthwhile! Thanks for having us. I like card games like that!

bluedaisy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend :) We just started with losing teeth. Michael is missing his 2 front lower and the new teeth are beginning to poke through. He got his baby teeth pretty early so I wonder if that is a predictor of adult teeth? Harper is just beautiful :)