Monday, November 07, 2011

Help Wanted

I have a long list of things I was going to do tonight but my motivation has kind of waned and I was just thinking I would head to bed when I realized I hadn't posted yet. Drat!

Short on inspiration for today I am wondering if you could help me with two small problems.

#1: I had a recipe for pork tenderloin that I wanted to try. The piece of meat Matt brought home was huge, so I cut it up and froze half of it. The first half turned out great. Today I thawed the second half and prepared it the same way. Part of it cooked great, but about a 1/3 of it was undercooked - the cooked and undercooked portions were separated by a vein (?) of fat... So what happened? It was very strange and I'm  not sure how to avoid such a thing in the future. If I'd cooked it longer, then 2/3 of it would have been overdone... What's that about? (If I'm not cooking w/ chicken, turkey, or ground beef I'm a little out of my element)

#2: I have a volunteer position at Harper's elementary school this year that requires me to send a LOT of email. I have noticed that email to Road Runner addresses will randomly be bounced back to me. It only happens w/ Road Runner emails and it isn't always with the same accounts. (I have Yahoo email) The worst part is that sometimes the bounced emails don't come back to me until a couple of days after I'd sent them.  You can imagine this is a problem, especially because we are often dealing with time sensitive situations. Anyone know why that might happen and how I can stop it?

Please help our mom not give us food poisoning with her delicious but unevenly cooked pork. And deliver her from bounced emails. Amen.


Barbara H said...

HI Kelsey,

I don't know why your pork was unevenly cooked BUT I can tell you that it's perfectly safe to eat pork that is pink or medium cooked in the center. In fact, it is preferable to cook pork a little pink - it makes it juicier. We eat a lot of pork in our house and have never had a problem :) As for the email - I just don't know!

Barbara Halabi (Saba's Mom!)

Chris said...

Considering our veggie household, I don't have an answer for you. I am trying to think anatomically what the problem is. And, I can't answer the other one, either. Maybe Tim can. Then why comment, one might ask? Just to say hi. Have a good week!

HipChick73 said...

Well I'm just the opposite of your posters. I have no clue on the pork - I'm not a big chef in our house. BUT I do wonder - what was the error message in the bounced one? Sometimes it'll say "recipient mailbox full" or "is not accepting mail at this time" or some other sort of clue as to what happened. If you can get any other sort of info from the bounced mail, that can help figure out what went amiss.

CARRIE said...

I have no answer for the pork thing but my suggestion is to cook it all day in a crockpot with a can of beef gravy. That way it is all cooked all the way through and stays moist.
The laziest-ass cook in the world
(also known as Carrie)

tracy said...

Hi Kelsey-
This provides no answers to any of your problems, but I have been meaning to ask you, since reading this post -- so Matt shops, but you cook, right? So how does that work? Do you give him a list each week? Or do you just work with whatever he happens to bring home? I know at some point you guys were trying to do some meal planning, am wondering if that's still happening or what it has evolved into. I am always so interested in how other households work!

love you

MamaK said...

We had something similiar with the one-email-provider-blocking things. It may be that your IP used to belong to a spammer, so Road Runner blocked it. So you might be able to find the RR customer service email, send a test (non time important) msg, and when it bounces back to you... fwd the error msg/org email to the RR customer service. This should prove that you're not a spammer and they should unblock yoru email. You may want to call RR to talk it over first.

or txt the RR peeps? i think there's actually websites that you can enter everyone's info once, and it'll send the msg by their preferred contact, like txt or email or whatever.