Sunday, November 06, 2011

Honor Flight

I have been waiting for what feels like MONTHS to write about this one...

This weekend my father accompanied my grandfather on an Honor Flight.  It is a really cool program that flies veterans to Washington DC so they can see their memorials during their lives.

Even though we were far away and couldn't be at the airport to meet the veterans as they returned to Milwaukee we still got to participate. On the flight my grandfather was given a packet of letters written by friends and family - just like mail call when he served.

I just had to share the items that Harper made to be included with our letters - I scanned them before sending them off.

First, a drawing:

Apparently Harper's idea of "soldier" is stuck back in the 18th century. I love the hat!  And the fact that the guy is marching into battle with nothing but a flag. Please notice the moon reflected in the pond and the cattails, which Harper called, "You know, the plants that look like hot dogs." The black lines on the background hill are more soldiers marching.

She also wrote her own letter, with minimal input from me. You can click on it to read it more clearly:

Finally I have a photo I yoinked from my brother's Facebook page (hope you don't mind Jamie!). It was taken after my grandfather arrived back in Wisconsin.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there to welcome Grandpa home, but I'm glad we had the chance to send our thoughts in letter form. And I'm grateful we have a large wonderful family, many of whom were there to meet him. (Family members! Feel free to add your thoughts/experiences in the comments!)

Thank you Grandpa.


Emily said...

AWESOME, Kelsey. My own Grandpa did Honor Flight a year or so ago. He described it as the greatest weekend of his life. OF HIS LIFE! Such a tremendous program, he said he was treated like a star the whole time.

Swistle said...

"I bet you were the bravest one" made me tear RIGHT UP. I was already feeling tender-feelinged over the "should get a present."

Our school system has the elementary school raise money for these flights by bringing in coins---and in fact the instruction is "pennies," but a lot of parents slip a bunch of silver in the mix.

Sara said...

Amazing! I have never heard of this program! I just went to the website and printed off the application for my own grandpa, who is also a WWII vet. I absolutely love the letter & pic that Harper made. She is so sweet!

JB said...

Hi Kelsey! My Grandpa was on the same flight! What an amazing way to pay tribute to those who gave so much. Like you guys, I couldn't be there in person, but I sent a letter for the 'mail call' and a huge family contingent turned out to meet the veterans at Mitchell Field. Such a good thing...

CARRIE said...

I'm all verklempt now. How wonderful! Harper and Michael and your grandfather are so lucky to be able to enjoy each other. Great-grandparents are awesome!!