Thursday, November 10, 2011

Full Moon

Michael has been in a MOOD today.

We have up to half an hour between Harper's school drop off time and his, sometimes we use that time to run a quick errand. Today I told him we had to drive through and mail something at the post office... His reply? 

"Awwww. Can't you just do it by yourself? I want to go right. TO. SCHOOL!"

However this same child looked up at me as I was walking him in to school and said, "I like you the best Mommy."

I don't know if these fluctuations in temperament are due to the full moon, to age 3.5, maybe to the huge shift in our weather over the last 24 hours... 

Michael's Jekyll and Hyde thing has had me slightly worried about our prospects for getting a good family photo at the portrait studio tonight, fortunately it ended up working out okay.

We're about to have a houseful of company as we celebrate Harper's birthday this coming weekend. Next weekend we're having a second party with some of her friends from school. Wish us luck!

(P.S. Both Matt and I are still a tiny bit jumpy - one little mouse can really get into your brain.)


CARRIE said...

G is the same way. He'll be all crazy, pestering me and the toddler. Just being a d*ck. And then he's all huggy with me, saying "You're the best mommy in the world." I thought girls were supposed to be the moody ones?

Pam said...

That explains it! Danny was a tyrant from the moment he woke up yesterday and had a terrible day at pre-K. Must be the werewolf genes from his dad since I'm so angelic!
Glad you got rid of the mouse - ugh!