Friday, November 04, 2011

A Thank You, An Answer, A Costume

A Thank You:

You were all so nice to me after yesterday's post... That was sweet of you. I was basically boo-hooing because my child isn't perfect. Thank you for your support, but you should know I have taken my head out of my a$$!

One thing Harper's teacher said that I LOVED and is so true - if you list the traits you admire in adults and then give them to a six-year-old they aren't quite as desirable. I think all the things that make Harper difficult to parent and teach at times will serve her really well as an adult.

Moving on...

An Answer:

Bluedaisy had asked how I handle keeping Michael entertained while I do homework with Harper... My horribly unhelpful answer is I do it by the grace of God...  Seriously. The most difficult part of doing homework with Harper is that she's sometimes too pooped to want to do it after school. Michael is (again, BY  THE GRACE OF GOD) either happy to sit at the table with us and look at his books or color OR he will go into the computer room (w/in earshot) and play with trucks and toys by himself. If he's feeling needed/cranky he will insist on sitting on my lap while I help Harper. Not really a problem. The most disruptive he usually is is when he "reads" his books out loud at the table, interrupting Harper. Then we just ask him to go read in another room and he generally complies.

I do not know what to tell you to have this experience translate into your home... have only two kids? Make sure the second kid is pretty mellow and easily entertained?

Again, not helpful! Sorry!

A Costume:

I didn't get very many guesses as to what Harper dressed as for Halloween. Which makes me think you aren't really all that concerned about it, but I'm going to explain anyway. I'm stubborn like that. Now you know where Harper gets it!

So it all started because Michael was going to wear the same dragon costume as last year - Harper wanted to dress up as something that would go with his dragon... we talked about it and she finally decided to go as a storybook character - The Paper Bag Princess. Emily was right!

If you don't know The Paper Bag Princess, you should. It was first published 30 years ago but the story really holds up - a great early girl power story. My copy is from way back in my camp counselor days. It's still a terrific read.

Unfortunately it is not a very well known book because NO ONE knew what Harper was for a Halloween. One guy said, "Oh look! A UPS package..."

Fortunately she didn't seem to mind. Do we win any points for creativity?


Chris said...

I told Harper that I really liked her costume (at school), and called it by the correct name. I did it partially so she'd know that at least someone knew who she was. It was an awesome costume, really, but I guess if they don't know the book, it could be hard. But she really didn't look like a UPS package!

By the way, homework time around here is horrible! At least that is how I interpret it. Aaron and the girls get started, and even though Melina is good about sitting and playing quietly, when I have to I pull out the TV. I try to save it until then. Glad homework time isn't too bad for you!

Jill said...

cute. the this side up threw me. i had no idea, but i've never read the story either.

Emily said...

Wow, I am shocked that I was was a very vague recollection from childhood, and after I left the comment, I convinced myself that I was making that up in my head. But now I must reserve it from the library and read it to Katy! It's all coming back!
(by the way...the link for PBP leads to my blog. if I were you, I probably wouldn't take the time to change it, but just in case you wanted to. :)

Kate said...

YAY for Paper Bag Princess! Emily-- you are now a certified librarian! *smile* We had a kid who showed up in a fez and a bow tie. Lots of people didn't know who he was... until it hit us. Oh yes. Dr. Who! Harper's is the best original costume I've seen this year!

CARRIE said...

I didn't read the Halloween post until today (11/8), but I was right! Yippee! Someone needs to throw confetti in my face.

(And what is it wrong of me to think "What is wrong with these people who didn't know Paper Bag Princess?" I'm such a book snob sometimes.)