Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ding Dong the Mouse is Dead!

Mouse-Invasion 2011 is, at least temporarily, over!


Oh you guys, I handled this in a completely ridiculous way. I KNEW I was being ridiculous and yet I couldn't help myself. Ah well, apparently I'm not going to be a mouse tamer in this lifetime.

We are already laughing about this, but trust me, if another furry friend shows up I will be right back on top of a chair, wishing Matt well from a distance.

In the madness of the great mouse chase I managed to grab the camera and get a photo of our two mouse hunters...

They were... not that much help.

Remember how we attempted to "lock" the mouse in our bedroom? When we briefly opened the door to get clothes and brush teeth this morning we saw no sign of the mouse. I was convinced that it had crawled into the heating ducts and would reappear in any room at any time.  Well Matt went into the bedroom to change after dinner (we'd kept the door closed with a towel stuffed under it all day) and the mouse appeared on the floor next to my dresser.

Matt grabbed a bucket and dustpan and the kids and I stood with various containers in the hallway - backup in case the mouse got through Matt. Apparently the mouse had been moving a bit when Matt first spotted it, but by the time he was prompting it into the bucket he said he thought it was dead. We put a garbage bag over the bucket, dumped the mouse in, double bagged it for insurance (?), and took that thing to the garage (garbage day is tomorrow).

What the heck did the mouse die of? Did it starve in our room? Is that even possible?

Since none of the four traps we've laid out have been touched I'm choosing to believe that this guy was operating solo. BUT I'm still going to leave the traps set for now, and we're still going to have our pest control company come and take a look on Friday.

All's well that ends well? Let's home so, Mama needs some sleep tonight!


Erin said...

It probably died from an injury inflicted by a larger, meaner mouse, as they were fighting for reign of the territory under your bed.


Mice just don't live very long. If I were at work right now, I'd send you this interesting (if not terribly useful) study on the annual fluxuation in a mouse population in a southern IL barn. The population numbers ranged from under 50 to over 300 throughout a typical year. Again, not sure how this information is helpful, but there you have it.

CARRIE said...

I was waiting in suspense to see just how much help the kids were. I mean, they are like almost Ghostbuster-like helpful-looking in that first shot. When DO kids actually become helpful in situations, I wonder??? Any situation?

bluedaisy said...

Why is Harper barefoot with a mouse in the house!?!?!? J/K. I am glad this over for you guys- I wouldn't want to be worried about a mouse snuggling up next to me at night either. We did have a situation last summer with a rat (shudder) who got into our basement wall from the outside. Luckily we caught him & there have been no problems since. I think it had something to do with our annoying neighbors and where they were keeping their garbage cans. I still can't think about that too much. Sleep well!!