Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boy Genius

I'm relaying this little story second-hand, so Matt will have to correct me if I have the details wrong...

Matt and Michael were sitting in the living room tonight. The television was on (showing the Bears/Chargers game) but it was muted. Matt looks up to see a play and says, "Yes!"

Michael observes the same play and says, "Interception!"

He was right...

How did he know that?


My guess is that he was remembering a moment from the Packer game earlier in the afternoon when I said, "Yes! Interception!" But it's pretty good, either way.


Later I was asking Michael what an interception was when Harper piped up, "Isn't that when the players do something they aren't allowed to do? Wait... that's just a flag."

She still has a thing or two to learn about football.


Jill said...

at least you GOT the game. I had to listen to it online. sigh. we're busy teaching Brennan the 'touchdown' sign. we ALWAYS incorporate it into 'if you're happy and you know it', good way to corrupt them early.

Emily said...

Hilarious! It won't be long before Katy knows more about the game than I do. She sits there with Brian and asks questions and cheers. David doesn't seem to care as much, but maybe it's early? Either way, that's super cute.

CARRIE said...

Both your kids know a HELLUVA lot more about football than I do!