Monday, November 28, 2011


Apparently this is my 900th post... That's a lot of online rambling. Perhaps a contest will be in order once I reach 1,000. I'll have to think about it.


I just finished placing our Elf on a Shelf out for the first night. This will mark the third year we've had an elf, Snowy, and I better be on my game because Harper told me this morning that she'd been up early looking for him.

There have been times the previous two years that we've forgotten to move Snowy at night. In the past it usually hasn't occurred to Harper to look for Snowy in his previous location. There have been a few mornings when we've had to scramble to relocate Snowy while stalling the children in their bedrooms.

We'll see how we do this year, I have a feeling it will be more difficult to convince Harper the magic is real if we goof this time around...

Any of you doing the elf thing this year?

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