Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Oh Dear

We have a mouse.

I saw it as we were finishing dinner.

I could write a lengthy post about our Mousecapades this evening, but I'm too pooped.

It is currently blockaded in our bedroom with two traps. Matt and I are sleeping in the living room and hoping maybe the mouse will be caught by morning...

I'll let you know.

Giant parenting fail tonight as I squealed like a little girl, many times, whenever I spotted the mouse.

Harper has been awake three times already crying/worrying about it.

Michael was upset he didn't get a chance to catch it himself...

I KNOW the mouse won't hurt me, but this situation is causing me a fair amount of STRESS.


Pam said...

You need a cat :-)

Nowheymama said...

I HATE IT when we have a mouse in the house. HATE IT. We lived here 7 years with no problem, then had a mini infestation. It still gives me the willies. BLEAH.

I hope you got it.

MamaK said...

Once, at my in-laws house, I was in the basement by myself and a mouse ran under my desk...

I screamed as I ran (crawled?) up the stairs, I screamed as I ran into the living room... where my hub and his dad had been sleeping. They both bolted upright and started yelling "WHATS WRONG? WHATS WRONG? ARE YOU OKAY"

At which point, I realized how silly it was, and I started laughing. Uncontrollably. My MIL walks in the room just as I gasp out "mouse" between giggles. SHE jumps up on the couch and starts screaming.

My FIL mutters under his breath and he and my hub stomp out and downstairs to take care of things. He grabbed a jar of peanut butter on his way thru the kitchen, and halfway down the open stairs, spotted the mouse and chucked the jar at it. Knocked it out cold. Which made the menfolk laugh, but when they came up to tell us, my MIL yelled "GET IT OUT OF MY HOUSE! NOW! NOW! NOOOOOWWW!"

True Story. I didn't feel so silly for screaming up the stairs anymore. And that was my first encounter with a mouse in the house.

tracy said...

Previous commenter, that's a great story!

When I was 5 or 6, I was up in the middle of the night going to the bathroom. The bathroom was kinda under construction and there were holes in the walls around the toilet. A mouse ran out from one hole, directly under my feet, and into another. I have been terrified of them ever since! We have had two mice in the past year and it's all I can do to keep my composure.

Seth claims to have seen our last mouse a month or so ago, climbing up the basement steps. We have not seem him since, but never managed to catch him! I still get a little creeped out every time I go down to the basement.

Hope you got him!

Sarah said...

Dude, I don't judge you one bit, and when we had our mice (MICE plural) last year it was the closest I came to needing anxiety medication. I have a thing about rodents anyways- gerbils, hamsters, and DEFINITELY mice and rats. DO NOT WANT. I am living in repressed terror of the same thing happening this winter. Every night when it gets dark I start doing double takes at shadows in the living room.
I hope you catch it, and that that's the only one!

Chris said...

Oh Kelsey! If you had only called! What animal did I use for my dissertation? THE MOUSE! I've handled hundreds of them. Not kidding.

Hope you got it. If you didn't, give me a call!

CARRIE said...

Oh the OCD issues this post about a mouse brings up in me. Must.use.disinfectant.on.something.right.now!

Weed said...

I'm visiting from Emily's blog... We have a mouse in our house, too, and we can't catch it! We've tried four different types of traps, and this thing outsmarts them all, and still manages to get the peanut butter off of them. It freaks me out, too, and my daughter's been in tears almost every night before bed, worrying about it. I hope we both catch them!