Monday, November 15, 2010

Harper's Room

Once upon a time, nearly three years ago, I published what were to be "before" pictures of the spare room before it became Harper's bedroom. In the post I was all, "Oh, the baby could possibly be here in two months! Time to switch the bedrooms." Of course less than a week later I was in the hospital and you know how that story went (If not, see Feb. and March archives from 2008). Not surprisingly, I never got around to the after pictures.

At the time we had just picked out some generic and cheapish bedding (it was pretty but didn't hold up) from a department store. Recently Harper had expressed not being so thrilled with it and part of her birthday gift this year was new bedding. On Saturday my parents and Uncle Joe helped us hang some pictures and curtain rods to finish off the room. So here, only three years late, are the after pictures...

This little couch used to belong to Matt's parents. We left it in Harper's room because there was space for it. As it turns out it is a lovely place to sit and read together.

This picture was taken at the arboretum when Harper was three. I always feel like she is walking into the future when I look at it. For sure it is one of my favorite pictures ever.

Here is a view from the foot of Harper's bed. She is really excited about her new bedding and her new pillow pet. It's a bee, she named it Beezus, on Matt's suggestion.

Here is a close-up of the art above her bed. It is a painting she did in preschool when they learned about Jackson Pollock. It doesn't really match the feel of the rest of the room but I love it and I like having something she made hanging in her bedroom. It will be easy to change out the picture in the future.

Next is a closeup of the valance above one of Harper's windows. My grandmother, my mom's mom, made the valances from a bed sheet and added the ribbon. My grandma is awesome. I am shocked at how much softer the room feels now that the hardware for the shades is covered.

The new girly lamp and the tissue box!

And here is a view of her room taken from the doorway. Finally it feels finished!


CARRIE said...

LOVE the art! That photo of her is just gorgeous. And I love having kid art hanging around the house. Very cool!

Swistle said...

It's so pretty and comfortable! And I love her corner window.

tracy said...

It's beautiful! It looks like a room for such a BIG GIRL.

I hope it see it in person sometime soon.

Pam said...

The picture of her is wonderful! The bedroom looks great but I won't show Jack this post as he is just frantic for a pillow pet and he'll be jealous. He wants the dog.
If I were Harper's age again I'd be so happy with this bedroom!

bluedaisy said...

It is just lovely-- I like that you have her own artwork hanging--and it's a fantastic painting in my humble opinion!
Also, that picture of her? What an inspirational photo...she can imagine all the possibilities that await her. I feel inspired by it!
Also, it's nice to know that we aren't the only ones who take some time to finish projects!

MamaK said...

harper has a great room! those windows are amazing... and I really like how everything goes together but is still unique/personalized. Nice!

Anonymous said...

I want to move in! I'm relaxed just thinking about looking out those windows... Tasha

Emily said...

It's perfect Kelsey - I love the sentimental value in the wall hangings and the tissue box, the curtains. I love the cozy place to read (of course!)

I feel like our kids' room decor is on hold, too, with "after" pics maybe a couple years down the road. I had been collecting things for the "boys" room and at the last minute put David in with Katy, which - how do I decorate for that, especially if it isn't long term? So it's all random right now. It'll be fun to do this down the road.