Friday, November 19, 2010


So one of the best things about birthdays/Christmas in these parts is that there are always new games to play. Since Harper was about three years old we've requested and given her games as gifts (this Christmas Michael will get some too). For her birthday this year Harper received Mouse Trap, Dizios, Toy Story Kerplunk!, and the Pictureka card game.

Tonight was family night and Harper chose games as the activity. While Michael was still awake we played Kerplunk! I don't know if you have any experience with that game - I think it's been around a long time - but the "regular" version uses marbles as the tumbling objects. The Toy Story version uses those little green aliens. In the game they are sort of rubbery and therefore this version makes a lot less noise than the original. We had Michael partner with either Matt or myself, to help direct his enthusiastic efforts. He was so happy to be included because he has watched Harper play games his entire life. The child was practically leaping out of his seat. Each time he pulled a stick out of the game he yelled, "Me ween!" (I win!) He also cheered whenever he made the aliens fall down, even though that was the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. Michael pretty much epitomizes the whole, "It doesn't matter if you win or lose..." thing.

Because it is so easy (and quick) to set up and play, I think Kerplunk! will see heavy rotation in our house. Do you have any favorite family games?


MamaK said...

love it! Kaden also loves to win, but hasn't the good sportsmanship Michael has (perhaps his CoachDad has instilled it in him early?!).

Hmm. Jim and I love to play chess together, Scrabble with my mom, Cranium with a crowd... and at his family's house it rotates but has included: poker (!), apples to apples, sorry! and of course, monopoly.

have you seen SCRIBBLISH? we played a paper-and-pen version of it back in the college days. much fun.

Chris said...

I've never heard of that game, but it might just make it under the tree this year! Thanks! Has she played mousetrap yet? That is Aaron's favorite (gee, can you guess why?). Our family activity yesterday was watching part of the original Star Wars. I don't think Aaron got much of it, but we'll see.

Enjoy your day. See you this evening.

Emily said...

Do you have Balloon Lagoon? It's part of the "Cranium" family. My kids love that one and I enjoy it myself, it's simple enough that David can play too.

Of course we do Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Twister (modified), Bingo, Cootie, and we just got out junior monopoly. Katy loves being the banker.

CARRIE said...

Can you write an entire blog about BEST board games with kids (ages almost 7 and 3 specifically)???? Oh do worst too. I am eager to learn from the master.....

I am totally gonna look into Kerplunk. Thanks!