Monday, November 08, 2010

In Which I Obsess About That Tooth (And We Bake)

The tooth! I cannot seem to get convincing photographic evidence of how disturbing I find it. Nor can I explain why I want to look at it all the time. Here is how it looked last Wednesday:

And today it is making an even more compelling case for eviction:

I may or may not be suppressing urges to accidentally elbow Harper in the mouth...

She can move it back and forth with her bottom teeth. And she stands next to me, moving it, tooth clicking against tooth.

Click. Click. Click.

Must. Not. Elbow. Child.

I mean, I know it will be fine if the tooth is still there when we get photos taken on Thursday. But it won't possibly still be hanging so crazily on Thursday, right? Maybe I can get Michael to wrestle it out...

Are all top front teeth this maddening?

What? You don't want to hear more about Harper's tooth? FINE.

After dinner Harper helped me baked cookies. I'm contributing them to a book swap event at a school where I used to teach and I now volunteer in the library.

Although, when I say helped, I should probably say I helped Harper bake the cookies. I assisted with some measuring tasks, partially managed the hand mixer, and formed the dough into little balls - Harper did everything else. She is getting to be quite the pro in the kitchen.

It wasn't even very stressful to bake together. I was hardly crabby at all! The only stern words needed were when she couldn't seem to remember that the fresh out of the oven cookie sheets were hot. (Too bad I couldn't find a way to take her tooth out with a cookie sheet, or stray shake of sprinkles.)

These are made from my very favorite sugar cookie recipe - and they aren't cutouts, even better. The are crunchy and yet they sort of melt in your mouth. Yum!

We have to make another batch later this week for the spaghetti dinner at Harper's elementary school. How long do you think it will be before I can just tell her to go whip up some cookies while I read with my feet up?


Jill said...

ha ha. it seems like you need a batch of cookies every week. I'm doing that, so hopefully I'll have enough leftover by the time Christmas gets here! I hate cramming all the baking into one week. I'm not sure about cookies, but I was baking cakes around the time I was 9. I usually just got help with the oven and that was it. Did the decorating myself..

Swistle said...

Ha ha! I feel the same way about loose teeth, and I loved all the parts about accidentally elbowing the child in the mouth. YES. I once removed a tooth under the guise of "wiggling it," but now no one lets me wiggle their teeth. I also brush too hard on the loose tooth when I help them brush their teeth at night. And I feed them crunchy foods.

I also thought the "I was hardly crabby at all!" part was so funny. That's how I judge Huge Baking Success, too.

Emily said...

LOVE Harper's apron. Awesome.

Is Harper excited about the tooth fairy? Can you let us know how that works at your house? Katy is currently obsessed with the concept even though we are likely at least a year from losing any.

Hillary or Ryan said...

Is this the first visit from the tooth fairy? I hope it happens soon. I cannot wait until my kids are old enough to bake with me. I had Grady "measuring" rice krispies a few weeks ago for rice krispy treats. He only measured one cup, that's his attention span for now. Sigh...I'll have to wait.

Kate said...

Carmel apples. That's what she needs!

CARRIE said...

I think you were hardly crabby during baking because you were just TOO DARN DISTRACTED BY THE TOOTH! ;)

It doesn't look as unusual as you least online. But your post made me feel loads better about my OCD!

bluedaisy said...

The tooth- I would be so obsessed by it too! I like Swistle's whole "wiggling" idea but it sounds like you only get one shot with that--but it might be worth it! I am also glad to hear that baking with kids gets easier over time. I have set my expectations very low b/c I don't like to get crabby about something that's supposed to be fun... and our last baking adventures were actually FUN! So glad to hear you had fun too! Prayers for that tooth to get under a pillow already!!