Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mr. Michael

Today kind of got away from me so I'm just going to share a couple of things Michael says that make me laugh - this is the kind of stuff I'll almost certainly forget if I don't write it down.

- Michael's newest verbal quirk is saying, "Huh?" Which is actually sort of annoying but a little bit cute. I don't know where he picked it up. In true two-year-old fashion it often comes out as, "Huh why?"

-Michael sometimes calls me "Mama," sometimes, "Mom," and recently, "Mom-mom." I kind of like "Mom-mom," mostly because I know that won't last.

-I may have mentioned this one before, but when Michael wants something repeated he'll say, "Mo-gen?" Which is the way he morphs more and again into one word.

-My favorite, favorite, favorite thing Michael says is, "No-me-ah-fine," but he says it all run together. It means, "No me, I'm fine." It is used something like this:

Me: Here Michael put your coat on.

Michael: Nomeahfine.


Me: Here Michael, wipe your nose.

Michael: Nomeahfine!

Love it!


Pam said...

What a character he is! It's great that you wrote these down. I wish I had written down so many things the kids have said that were cute or funny. I need to do more of that before I completely succumb to mommy brain.

bluedaisy said...

The last one is the best! It's a super nice way of saying "No" to you- my heart would just melt :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kels,

Weahfine, since you are blogging everyday!!!



Chris said...

These are the kind of posts I just eat up! As far as I am concerned, you can post them everyday, because I know both of your kids say cute things each day. Might make NaBloPoMo easier, no?

tracy said...

I love love LOVE going to your blog and knowing for certain there will be a new post. EVERY day! It is awesome.
love you

Masked Mom said...

These are adorable and bring back many memories. My oldest is 22 now, but when he was about this age, I babysat other kids who all called me by my first name so my son called me "Shawn-Mama" for a year or so. It was adorable and I still kind of miss it.

(Found you through the NaBlo Randomizer.)