Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Girl

Here are a few shots from yesterday's birthday party:

We had good food and time with friends and family and Harper received a heap of gifts that she loved. It was awesome, actually, she squealed with delight over everything. You can never be certain how that will go with little children, you know? And lots of her gifts were the kind that you enjoy and get lots of use out of over the long term, but maybe don't have a huge thrill-appeal for unwrapping. But she was so happy with everything and had no complaints about things she's been hoping for that weren't in her pile. It was heartwarming how happy she was.

According to Harper yesterday was the best day of her life.

Today, however, she was overtired, over-partied, and a huge crank. Ah, well, that's how it goes. Matt and I are going to have to do some serious deep breathing exercises over the next several weeks because birthday craziness is nothing compared to how whipped up kids get over Christmas!


Hillary or Ryan said...

Yesterday was Grady's birthday party. I completely understand the "you never know what's going to happen with kids" idea. Grady was pretty well behaved. We had our party at the new children's museum (no cleaning the house, no cooking!). B/c of time constraints, Grady only was able to open 3 presents in front of everyone. He kept saying, "Grady share." And to a 2 year old, "Grady share" means "let Grady play with it and stay away from my toy." We finished the party in a typical two year old fashion, with a full fit b/c he wanted to stay and play (the museum was closing). And then he proceeded to yell, scream, and kick the back of Ryan's seat on the car ride home. (Sigh--I drove separately with Audra.) Grady was better when I arrived home with a "healthy" meal from Culvers complete with french fries.

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Harper! I'm glad she had so much fun. Ahh yes, Christmas. I'm 80% excited and 20% dreading the occasion!

CARRIE said...

So excited to see her board game.

After I put the baby to bed, we have game time with the kids. Now that G is 3, he can enjoy Hi-Ho Cherry-o and Candyland. Today I bought a Cat in the Hat card game which was fun.

Oh, and the gift frenzy to come just gets my stomach in knots. I can't imagine having a birthday 6 weeks before it.