Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cheater Pants*

One week to go... what is your favorite thing to eat/cook for Thanksgiving?

My favorite thing to eat is turkey, but I especially like it when the leftovers have been shredded and soaked in gravy. Yum!

My favorite thing to make is apple pie - yes, I know, that isn't the most traditional of Thanksgiving foods but no one here likes pumpkin pie. Making pie from scratch is kind of a pain in the butt - but if the kids aren't helping me (this is def. a baking project I prefer to do solo) there is something sort of meditative about it.

Come on over and have a slice!

*I'm too pooped to come up with anything else tonight!


Pam said...

We love turkey BUT in England where we do not have Thanksgiving, we have turkey for Christmas - so this year we are going to have turkey (and stuffing and mash and brussel sprouts and gravy and cranberry and tatties n' neeps mmmm) and for Thanksgiving we're going to eat liver and onions! LOl. I'm not kidding :-)

Val said...

Mmmm. I love turkey and mashed potatoes about equally. I love to make the perfect leftover meals after Thanksgiving is over. Mmmm. Leftovers.

CARRIE said...

I am not a person who generally enjoys cooking, but my MIL is a good cook and we have Thanksgiving at her house. Sometimes she makes oyster stuffing. Yum. But truthfully I like any Thanksgiving side dish---screw that bird. Too much other stuff to enjoy.