Monday, November 01, 2010

NaBlo What?

Aw shucks! Okay, since people are still willing to read here I will take on National Blog Posting Month once again.

I looked back at my archives and this will be my fifth go at NaBloPoMo, which is hard to believe.

Just in case I run out of ideas, I'm always curious if there is anything in particular you'd like to hear about - so feel free to leave ideas/questions in the comments.

So yes, just a quick post to say I'm in and look forward to seeing you all often this month.


Mommy Daisy said...

I think this is my 4th year. I've been bad about posting, but I just couldn't see NOT doing it. Good luck!

bluedaisy said...

Hmmm, questions...I know we all tend to be pretty kid-focused in our blogs but I throw this one out and hope it isn't too personal: What are some things you & your hubby do to stay connected in the midst of kid chaos. I know that Mike and I often find it hard to have even the simplest conversation let alone go out to dinner together. I'm curious about what other people do?

Anonymous said...


I forgot thanks for the great Halloween pictures and boy am I looking forward to a blog a day!

No Pressure,


CARRIE said...

I'm gonna tack onto bluedaisy's comment and ask your thoughts, in general, on the whole "keep date night alive" stuff related to having kids. Does it equal "too much pressure" in your life? Like, more trouble than it's worth or totally worth it?

Val said...

This is my second year. I am thinking there will be a lot of "how many more days are left for the love of God" posts as I'm already fighting off a cold and feeling less than bloggy. /sigh/ I can do this!

As for questions - I got nothing. :) I like photos of your fam though. :)

Emily said...

As you know, I'm always interested to pick your educator brain as a mom as well. So as I'm thinking toward kindergarten - I'd be interested in anything you'd like to share about a)how to decide where to send your kid to school, b)how to prepare your kid for kindergarten (you mentioned that Harper is reading, how did you teach her that, etc), or c)general thoughts on how kindergarten is going so far.

MamaK said...

oooh, I like the date/keeping connected idea AND the how-do-you-pick-school one. Also... recommended books and/or gift ideas for kids (any age). Feel free to plug the Usbourne stuff :)

Liz Davis said...

i'll jump on with brain picking of your educator brain. did you teach harper how to read and how. ;) favorite book recommendations? my child knows his site words, knows how to spell his favorite words (owl, hannah, fan, pepper, yes, pepper....) but quickly loses focus and acts goofy, making up words when i sit down with a basic reader book with him. got any good tricks? both my children love books and will have us read them all day long to them if we could. i even catch luke "reading" to hannah, making up the story as he goes along (which rarely is anything like the actual story of the book) but when it comes to me encouraging him to put together everything he knows - no dice.