Friday, November 09, 2007

When They Can Talk, You Get to Know What They're Thinking

One of the greatest things about having a verbal child is the fact that you actually get glimpses inside the mind of a two- or three-year-old. Sure, there are moments when I wish she'd just stop talking already (Gee, no one has ever thought that about me!), but mostly I enjoy Harper's audible monologue.

We've always suspected she's had a big imagination, but lately her curiosity and imaginary play have hit new levels. For better or worse we have lots of toys around that are probably too young for Harper, things I just haven't bothered to banish to the basement. (Don't worry, we have plenty of age-appropriate toys on hand as well.) One of the toys she's pretty much outgrown are the Peek-a-Block things from Fisher Price. She calls them the blocks you don't build with. Anyway she requested I get them out the other day and it's been non-stop questioning every since.

"What's in this apple?"

"A worm."

"Why is it in there?"

"Because worms like apples."

"Why doesn't it have a face."

"Worms don't really have faces we can see."

"Slimy does! Where is this worm's face?"


"Why is there a mouse inside this cheese?"

"Because mice like cheese."

"Why do mice like cheese?"

"Because it tastes good to them."

"Why do they think it tastes good?"

"I don't know, why do you like cheese?!"


"This noise block makes a sound. How does it do that?"

"When the pieces push together they make a sound."


"In about fourteen years you can takes physics, then you can come home and tell me why."

Harper also seems to be integrating information in a way she hadn't been before. Back in September, when we were in St. Louis, she saw Erin nursing Emmett, and it was really her first close encounter with breast feeding, at least since she's been old enough to remember. That image must have nestled itself somewhere in her brain because in the last couple of days she has taken to nursing her baby doll.

"Baby Doll doesn't want her bottle," Harper says, "she is eating from my bref."

"Your breast?"

"Yes, I'm bref feeding her."

I suppose some people might find that odd, but I think it's very sweet that she is nursing her doll. And Harper informed me that Baby Doll can get milk, or water, or juice from her breasts. Now there's a trick I haven't learned!

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Anonymous said...

Well we can definitely say that Harper has a great imagination. I can't wait to see her breast feed next week.