Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ahh. . .

So it is nice staying at my parents' house. I am not afraid to admit that I still love it when my mother takes care of me. Most of the things that I like about being here are totally superficial and silly, but still so nice.

1) At any given moment there are 1-4 people, besides me, waiting to entertain Harper and cater to her whims. And for the most part they like it -- enjoy spending time with her and fetching her milk while I put my feet up and enjoy the perks of my parents' home.

2) Digital cable and DVR are two wonderful gifts of technology. There are so many stations and if you don't think you can watch something, shoot, just DVR it! It is probably a very good thing that neither of these technologies are appearing in my own home.

3) I don't have to cook, and yet, there is food to eat. Of course I don't mind helping, but the food tastes better when I don't have anything to do with it.

4) There are no chores/laundry I am responsible for. Sure, I can throw a load in if I need to, but there isn't a week's worth of laundry with my name it and no basement stairs to drag it up and down.

Even though the house my parents live in now is not a place where I have ever technically lived, it still feels like home; which I think says something pretty special about my family. I hope that, far into the future, Harper will come into our home, wherever it may be and feel as comfortable and welcome as I do here.


It is snowing here, there's about an inch or two piled up on the deck railing. Harper stood incredulously at the window telling each of us in turn, "Yook! It's snowing outside."

We ran to Target this morning to get snow pants and snow boots for Harper, just in case my cousins are playing in the snow tomorrow, i can't imagine keeping her inside while they are out playing. The good news is that those are things we hadn't yet acquired for this winter, so we weren't buying duplicates.

Tomorrow morning Matt will be heading here from Ohio to join us for turkey, and the Packers play. Life is pretty good.

Happy Thanksgiving (or Happy Thursday) to you!

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