Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is my birthday, but we celebrated tonight because Matt has a basketball scrimmage tomorrow.

It was a wonderful celebration.

In the afternoon Matt and Harper gave me my gift. . . a digital video camera! You know what this means, my bloggy friends, longer and higher quality video clips of Harper spewing adorable all over the internet. Watch out.

Then, this evening, Matt and I got away for a dinner at nice Italian restaurant and then a movie, which felt even better since it was on a Wednesday. Going out in the middle of the week always makes me feel a little like I'm playing hooky.

We saw Dan in Real Life, which turned out to be an excellent choice. It's more drama than romantic comedy, and, though it isn't mind-bending or life-altering, it was solid entertainment. Just enough funny, not too sappy, and nicely touching at times. But, as we have discussed before, I have a predisposition to enjoying things. If you are a picky movie-goer, thou shalt not use me as a reviewer. Thank you.

And now I think I will curl up in bed with the manual for the camcorder and get myself up to speed so I can adequately record the events of Harper's third birthday.

That noise you are hearing?

It is my big contented sigh.


Mommy Daisy said...

Happy Birthday, Kelsey! I'm so glad that you had a great one! You deserve it.

Erin said...

Happy happy happy happy!!

Tell Matt that he ROCKED with the gift. I am very excited about more video from the land of Harper.

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

happy birthday. sounds like a LOT of fun...

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Kels! I don't think I realized that yours and Harper's b-days were so close. Your celebration sounds delightful.