Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Harper's Latest

Short post today, I am sharing my dad's computer, which he has at work all day, so my access is limited. Starting tomorrow there will be another computer here (my brother's) to work with, hopefully I'll be able to add some pictures and I still owe Harper her third birthday letter, better late than never. Anyway. . .

Today Harper decided she was also going to grow a baby in her tummy, because Baby Doll is going to be a big sister. She's even going to (according to her) go to the doctor with me so they can cut her tummy and pull her baby out. She did a lot of walking around, groaning, with her hands on her puffed-out belly (funny because I'm not showing yet that Harper would notice), saying, "Growing this baby is reawwy hard work!"

Apparently she is also going to help me get the house ready. Today she looked up suddenly and said, "Mom, do we have any bottles?!" When I told her that yes, we had some left from when she was a baby, she seemed so relieved. This is going to be fun.


Mommy Daisy said...

That's so cute. This will just lead to many more funny stories. I can't wait. She is such a doll.

Erin said...

Your last sentence is perfect.

Yes, it will be so much fun. It already is.