Thursday, November 08, 2007

About Time

If you scroll way, way down, to the bottom of the page, you'll see a little time line type thing that keeps track of Harper's age.

It appears she's about a week away from turning three.

(Holy cow, how did that happen?)

Just to keep things interesting, and to let us know that age two still has a curve ball or two to throw us, Harper decided to invent a new member of our family this week.

As of Monday, Harper has an imaginary friend.

Her hair is pink.

Her eyes change colors.

And her name is Barbecue. Although sometimes Harper calls her Babycue instead.

Barbecue is not always a good listener, likes to play tag with Harper, and insists her seatbelt be buckled at all times.

Barbecue's influence, good vs. bad, has yet to be determined.

Barbecue is three, but on her birthday she'll be two. Harper says she's going backwards.

Welcome to the family Barbecue.


Mommy Daisy said...

Barbecue...awesome. Hey if this friend is aging backwards, maybe she won't be around too long. ;) Fun times.

Giselle said...

Are Harper and Andrew twins?

Man, your little girl has an imagination. And I think the appearance of Barbecue is definitely a greeting sign of 3...not a farewell gift of 2.

Have fun with the imaginary friends. Andrew still blames all his bad decisions on "Garcia". As in, "Well, Garcia told me to do that."


Laura said...

This is so funny! I love that she picked ou thte name Barbeque. Whah?

Elaina has been all caught up in "Fido" her imaginary fly derived from thee most stupid show that Noggin has to offer. Often, Elaina will say "Hold on Mommy, I hafta get Fido." And so we wait for her to come back with a little piece of air between her fingers.

So, I was relaying to Eric how cute this story was and that the friend's name is BBQ and he said, "Who's Kelsey again?"

For all he knows, you could be my imaginary friend. Good thing you're so entertaining!