Thursday, November 29, 2007

Snips and Snails, and Puppy Dogs' Tails

Oh. My.

Thanks for all your supportive comments and guesses over the last couple of days. The voting ended up with about 9 guesses for a girl, 5 for a boy, and the rest fell under the category of, "wha?" because they weren't actual guesses.

So now the question is this:

What on earth am I going to do with a boy?!

Several mommies-of-boys have already come forward to tell me how much I'll love it, and I am truly thrilled to be having a boy. I just lack confidence about raising one. You know, I want to raise a good boy. I don't mean necessarily follows-all-the-rules good, but kind and generous, honest, respectful, etc. (Having Matt as the boy's father is a very promising start!) The world has often seemed short on good boys, don't you think?

Part of the reason we(I) wanted to know what we were having this time around was the fact that I didn't know how I'd feel about a boy and I wanted to have time to get used to the idea; just in case I needed time to get used to the idea. As it turns out, I was instantly thrilled when the woman reading the ultrasound pointed out the identifying anatomy.

In case you are wondering, Harper is happy too. In the first moments after we told her, she said she wanted a sister. Since, however, she has adamantly stated she wanted a brother. When I asked why she wanted a brother she replied, "I don't want the baby to be the same as me." Well there you go.

But, mommies-of-boys, please continue to tell me stories about how great it is and how you ended up being wonderful to your boys, even if you weren't sure you'd know how. I'd appreciate it.

I'm kind of sad to see an end to the pregnancy announcing and gender guessing because the number of visitors to this little blog has gone way up and it has been kind of fun, imagining lots of people excited for us or at least interested enough to come back and know what has happened here. Of course, I'll continue to write about what's happening, but there won't be any major announcements or suspenseful guessing games for a while to keep people hooked. Unless of course someone reading this would like to buy us a minivan, if you are so moved, I promise I'd write LOTS of exciting posts about it!

Also, NaBloPoMo ends tomorrow. I'm feeling a little sad about that. It has been fun writing every day and, after the first week or so, I started looking forward to it, rather than feeling pressured. So maybe, just maybe, it will keep up into December.

Finally, if you are any kind of football fan, you know there is a HUGE football game tonight. The 10-1 Packers vs. the 10-1 Cowboys. We can't watch the game from home (dumb NFL Network), but my brother is saving me a seat at the bar up the street. Even though I will have to skip the spirits, I will be joining him to cheer on the Packers. I am embarrassed to tell you how happy the thought of a victory tonight makes me. But don't worry, if they win, I will be sure to let you know.


Giselle said...

It's so funny that you are wanting a "good boy". I was (am) so scared about raising a "good girl". I feel like I know a lot of good boys and girls, but very few confident, to-their-core happy girls...or women for that matter. So many issues facing little girls. Boys just fight and get it over with. Girls are MEAN to each other.

I guess both are's just whichever you feel more comfortable facing.

And I would say good role models are CRUCIAL. So starting with a great daddy is key. ;)

Mommy Daisy said...

I am the oldest of 3 girls. My mom is also the oldest of 3 girls. I babysat when I was younger, but it was always for girls. I was not ready for a boy. So at least that's what I thought until I found out I was having one, then I couldn't have been more thrilled. It seemed right, OK, and perfect. And it is. I can't imagine my little family any other way.

Since my mom and grandma aren't much help in the boy-raising thing, I ask my mother-in-law questions now and then when it relates to a "boy" thing. Since my son is still young I haven't had too many problems yet. I do know that he's energetic and rowdy, but he is such a lover. He loves giving lots of hugs and kisses and will stop by often for them.

You will LOVE having a boy. Matt and I always wanted girls, but now I think I'd like my next one to be a boy too then I'd like a girl or two. ;) It looks like you've already done a great job with Harper, so just keep it up. You'll be fine.

One book I have heard recommened and I've read part of so far is "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. James Dobson. Some of the things in it aren't quiet for us now, but it will be handy in the future. I commend you for wanting to be such a great mother. Your kids are BOTH so lucky to have you as their mom!

Kate said...

Hooray! So excited for you. Boys are FUN. I was terrified of having a boy... but he's better than anything I could have dreamed about. And like Giselle said, you don't need to know a lick about boys-- that's what daddies are for!

Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

i think my brothers are rotten. but they are good men. they host the cub scouts and help their friends build houses. i think the most important thing that your hubby needs to know is... get ready: "Don't you EVER talk to MY WIFE like that again!"

I'm assuming he'll need that around 10 years old. That will establish the parenting bond and teach him how to treat you in case he hasn't quite figured it out.

for some reason boys have been so oddly treated in our nation, they can't cry, but they'll take a gun and shoot someone or break a beer bottle over their head because they disrespected their homeys or their girl, its just weird. i pray to GOD that you never hear the words sissy, girl, you play like a , or what have you come out of your husbands mouth. if you do, shoot him. that's the worst thing you can do for your daughter/sons relationship.

other than that, i think its basically the same as a girl, just forget the pink dresses!

Erin said...

Kelsey, I could honestly fill an entire new blog with thoughts on how wonderful raising boys has been. I felt the exact same way when I found out Calum was a boy. Having Matt as this little boy's Dad is HUGE. We are very lucky, indeed, to have such awesome Daddys for our boys (and girls, obviously) to look up to.

You are right though, that raising boys to be good men is a serious and important job. And perhaps, for a Mom, one of the most daunting. When you get worried or feel not up to the task, just hold on to the fact that we have complete confidence in you. And you trust us, right? So just trust us. You will not only do great, but this little boy will bring more joy and depth to your life than you can even imagine.

Pam said...

I think it starts with having a good dad as a role model - someone who will have fun, be loving, show emotion and treat the mum with absoloute respect. My husband's mum & dad were always very loving towards one another in front of my husband & that has shaped who he is. We use that as our base for teaching Jack.
I know paernta that tell their son'd to stop being a sissy and act like a man and it kills me. How horrible to treat a child like that.
I think you & your hubby will do great.

Pam said...

Me again. Must learn to check spelling before hitting send. Oops.

WAK4 said...

Cowboys 37
Packers 27

I want my glass back.


Swistle said...

When we found out my firstborn would be a boy, I was STUNNED. I was all, "I don't know anything about boys! I don't like boy toys! I don't like boy games! I don't like boy clothes! I don't like boy names! And I don't know how to teach a boy to pee!" But then he was born, and he was just...a BABY. Just a baby. Not a scary boy.

Be Inspired Always said...

My boys are now 11 and 10. These are just a few things my boys have taught me.

You don't need to be a TomBoy to play with your sons, they'll love you no matter how girlie you are - Because Your Mom!

They adore you, my 11 year old still comes up to me and hugs me around my neck.

You can teach your son to be sensitive and the kind of Man that a woman will fall in love with. Which I think is so important these days.