Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've Survived!

Actually, the second day of subbing was easier than the first. In hindsight that makes a lot of sense. I was able to greet all the children by name as they came in the door this morning, which sets a much better tone for the day. I was also not scrambling to familiarize myself with their classroom rules and routines and was much more relaxed.

One little girl had a tough day. She lost a charm off her necklace during recess and was nearly inconsolable about it; I assured her that anyone who found it would know it was special and bring it to the lost and found, but it is so small I kind of doubt it will be found. Then that same girl went to open her lunch bag and the covered bowl her main lunch was in had broken, there was glass everywhere, so none of it was safe for her to eat. Poor thing. We obviously found lunch for her, but that's a pretty difficult day if you're six!

During our morning recess I was once again failed by physics. There have been an unfortunate number of time lately when I've felt like what I might have learned in an AP Physics class could have helped me. One of the first graders asked me why the swings move when you pump your legs, and any explanation I tried to offer was met with, "But why?" Silly inquisitive kids!

Harper and I ran outside after school/nap and tried to plant some bulbs a friend gave me for an early birthday present. We worked until I literally couldn't see enough to tell where I'd already dug. It will be a pleasant surprise if any of them come up this spring.

When we finished planting, we went out to put some gas in the car. Harper got all upset because the moon was out (it was dark by 6:00) and she wasn't in bed. But she got over it and then was all excited because the moon, "Followed us home!"

Tomorrow it will be refreshing to get caught up on laundry and start cleaning up this house for our birthday festivities this weekend; at least that's what it feels like today.

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