Thursday, January 04, 2007

Some Thoughts on Football

One of the joys of being in Wisconsin over the New Year's Eve/Day was cheering for the Packers and the Badgers on home turf. And Matt, being a fan of neither team, was a very good sport. On New Year's Day 5/6 of us wore red and repeatedly yelled, "Go Badgers!" Actually, Harper yelled, "Go Packers!" most of the day, she was still brainwashed from the night before.

The way she enthusiastically jumped on the Badger bandwagon, she sure made my dad proud. She can now identify Bucky Badger, and was very excited to see her Bucky Badger socks when we sorted the laundry yesterday.

We cheered the Badgers to an ugly victory in the Capital One Bowl. A win is a win, no matter how sloppy.

Harper showed such enthusiasm for the game, and for a set of my dad's headphones, that she may just become the first female head football coach in Big 10 history.

Of course the Badgers weren't the only victorious team from Wisconsin over the holiday. We were thrilled when the Packers beat the NFC North Champion Bears, 26-7. Even though the win wasn't enough to get the Packers into the playoffs, it was like a Super Bowl to us. I was especially invested in the outcome of the game, since way back in August my dear husband bet me the Packers would not get eight wins this season. Not only did I win the bet with Matt, but the eighth win was also a fulfillment of my dad's promise to Harper, which you can revisit in the comments to this post.

The Packer enthusiasm even extends to Rebound, who put up surprisingly little fuss when I dressed him in this Packer item my dad picked up.

Whether or not we watched Brett Favre's last game remains to be seen, but after watching his emotional interview on the field I wouldn't be the house on his return. Too bad none of us thought to tape it!

For Badger and Packer fans football season is over. We'll hang up our jerseys and start counting down the days until it all begins again.


Anonymous said...

Kelsey, Mstt & Harper,

We certainly enjoyed the Badger and Packer Victories but not nearly as much as we enjoyed our time with you. We hope Harper learned she can count on grampa to tell her the truth! We miss all of you already.
Muga & Grampa

Megan said...

Fun pictures, yay for football!! Looks and sounds like you had a great Christmas and fun time in WI! Glad to hear it, hope all continues to go well with all the new toys and heading back to school.

Take care,

Erin said...

Yay! You're back! Great pictures. Good luck going back to school.

Laura said...

I'm glad to hear that you had an enjoyable Christmas and a happy new year! Nice to see you back !

Is it just me... or has Harper grown more in a short period of time ? She is just adorable!

Have a great 2007 !