Friday, January 26, 2007

Easy to Please

Okay, so, lots of the time I actually don't feel as though Harper is easy to please. You know, like when she is throwing a fit because I didn't get a new bowl for her crackers, but put them on the plate that was already contaminated with cheese. Cheese, which doesn't even leave crumbs, but she knows it has already been on that plate and the plate is therefore unclean. Sigh.


On Wednesday I had a subbing job in the morning while Nana watched Harper. Then we all went out to lunch. The highlight of the afternoon was the balloon Harper received as we left the restaurant. You might not understand if Harper told you about it. "L" isn't her best sound so the word comes out, "Boon!"

I will say, when she's not tired or hungry, Harper can be fairly easy to entertain. One balloon = about thirty straight minutes of unadulterated joy. It doesn't take much.

Whatever makes you as happy as a two-year-old with a helium balloon, try to do some of that this weekend.

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Emily said...

Do you have Sandra Boynton's "Belly Button book"? The little hippo in that book calls a balloon "Boon!" So cute. I love the way you let us know exactly how Harper speaks...