Friday, January 12, 2007


Harper is definitely in the stage where she likes to do the same things (watch the same things, read the same things) over and over (and over and over and over and over) again. Today I got quite a bit of reading done on the computer while I played this game:

Harper would "hide" behind the curtain and instruct me, "Mommy, say where Harper could be?"

"Where could Harper be?" I would sing out (while reading away on the computer).

Then she would throw the curtain off and shout, "Peekaboo! I surprise you!"

I gasp and say, "Oh my goodness! You did surprise me!"

Then Harper says, "I hide one more time."

And we repeat.

The only variation being, sometimes she would say, "Rebound, where Harper could be?"

And I say, "Rebound, where could Harper be?"

And then she surprises me.

After a while she decided it would be more fun to tickle me. Harper doesn't totally grasp the concept of tickling another person. She hardly touches us but she'll just wiggle her fingers and come at us with a high-pitched voice kind of squealing and looking like this:

Which really makes me wonder what we look like when we tickle her.


Erin said...

That last picture of her is classic. Sounds like your roller coaster took an upswing... Hang in there! I hear that Age Three is friggin awesome compared to Two...

Laura said...

I love the last picture of Harper!

I think that her expression could make me laugh more than any tickling ever ! How sweet !

That's definatly a "framer !"