Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Milestone: 200th Post

While it may be frustrating at times, at least life with Harper is always interesting. Tonight she had a scrambled egg for dinner. Here's why. . .

Harper was playing in the living room, very content, so I headed to her room to put away some laundry. After a few minutes, I hear the sound of the refrigerator opening and closing. I am not pleased that Harper figured out how to do that, but we haven't felt the need to put a lock on it, yet. Anyway I figured she wanted something to drink and had gotten the milk or juice out, as she often does this to help me. When I walked into the living room, there she was with an entire carton of eggs! I approached her as I would a poisonous snake (if I were forced to approach a poisonous snake, that is), calmly, talking in a soft voice, without making any sudden movements. After safely procuring the eggs, I asked Harper what she was going to do with them. "Eat dem!" she said.

So I asked her if she wanted an egg for dinner. And she did. She even stood on her stool in the kitchen and watched me scramble it. She really isn't very hard to entertain sometimes.

And now, some photos.

Here is Harper presenting her handiwork to me:

Here is the handiwork, our magnetic letters arranged in some system that only makes sense to her. She started by putting all the green letters in a row of sorts and took if from there:

This is one of Harper's creative positions for hanging out in the family room:

Oh to be young and flexible again! She'll hunker down like that and then insist, "Yook at me Mommy! I faw down!" Good times.


Kate said...

Wow. An egg for dinner. That's actually muchmore nutritious than Colin's spaghettio,baked bean,Cheeto surprise (he created his own casserole). What a cutie, that Harper!

Laura said...

Congratulations on 200 Harper stories!
In the short time I've been following your blog, it's been incredible watching her grow and shape her little personality - what a sweet girl you've got there!

Looking forward to all of the entertainment that your next 200 entries will bring!