Sunday, January 21, 2007

It Really Is Winter!

After a very warm start to the winter season, and for the first time since Harper could reliably walk, we have had a measurable snow! We woke up this morning and it was coming down steadily. By early afternoon about two or three inches had fallen.

Matt came home from his basketball games right around the time Harper was waking up from her nap. Since I still had school work to do, we thought it would be a great idea for Harper to go outside and "help" Matt shovel the driveway.

I should mention here that Harper received boots and snow pants from Muga and Grandpa for her birthday. She liked them so much when she tried them on that she wore them in the house for an entire day. Then I hid them. Needless to say she was over the moon when I pulled them out of the closet today.

After "shoveling" Harper threw some snow around, tried to make a snow angel, and then built a snowman (which looked like a snow pile) with Matt. We are hoping for a couple more inches later this week, after which I'll take Harper out to build a real snowman. We discussed this after she came inside, all rosy cheeked and sweaty from her layers. She thought the snowman sounded like a good idea, but only if I procure a carrot for the nose.

In a related note, I don't ever want to move to Alaska, or even Minnesota. As much fun as the snow is, do you have any idea what it takes to get a toddler into snow gear? I think I've found a new winter workout. A few good snowy weeks each winter should suit us just fine.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the blog update and hello from Sweden. We got 8" of snow here to day and it is just beautiful. It is great to see Harper out in the snow and enjoyig it. I wish she was over here to enjoy it with me.


Erin said...

Snow and kids. Is there anything more fun? Some of my favorite memories as a kid were playing in the snow. And remember how we went sledding in Wisconsin during our freshman year in college. THAT is a favorite memory too.

Holy jay-sus! Toddler in snow suit definitely ranks up there with a pro wrestling match. We suit up Calum every time we take him out in the baby jogger in the winter. I HATE IT. But once we step outside, he's all happy & smiley, even with his angry tears still running down his cheeks.

Emily said...

I hear you on the winter gear. I longingly remember the summer months when I just stuck Katy in a sundress in the morning and didn't have to put anything else on her all day...
As for your comment on the video on our blog - that's the first time we did that, and it was so easy! Do you have little video clips on your digital camera? If so, you can go to and set up an account, it's self explanatory, and you just get a link to your videos.
Hope you are staying dry...

Megan said...

I hope you get the chance to build a snowman!! We had our 5th snow storm yesterday, crazy! It's becoming a regular weekend event :)It is a workout with kids & winter gear, it's a hassle at work w/ the 4 yr olds. Yes they're older but you still have to help with gloves/zippers etc...takes a while to get outside for recess! (then again you were a teacher so you already know all that!)

Anyway, take care!