Thursday, January 11, 2007

Riding the Toddler Roller Coaster

I walked in to playgroup yesterday and asked, "Is it normal to occasionally want to put your two-year-old through a wood-chipper?"

No one gasped in horror. Instead that comment was greeted with a knowing chorus of, "Yes!"

Then I felt a little better.

But seriously, do they make mood-stabilizers for the pre-logical beings among us?

I can laugh (sort of) about this now, because today was a fairly good day. I had class, taking me away from home for about five hours, and that helps to.

Just in case there's any uncertainty out there, I will state that of course I love my daughter. It's her two-year-old behavior that has me running full-speed into brick walls.

Example: The other day, in the same diaper change, she both screamed and writhed and begged for release and handed me a clean diaper and said, "I'm so happy!"

She switches from delightful to devil in 2 seconds flat, and with very little warning.

Harper in a good mood:

Harper less thrilled with life:

She was upset that I was about to take away the stick from one of her musical instruments, when she refused to stop beating inappropriate objects with it. What was I thinking?

We've been through frustrating stages before, but that all seems so mild in comparison to this Harper, who can now lash out physically and verbally. Okay, okay, lash out is probably a little strong. . . that's what the two will do to you.

P.S. Mom, doesn't this make you soooo excited to come spend almost a week with us?

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Kate said...

It's so good to read your blog. I've been beside myself with Colin for the last week. He defies me at every turn. We can't have fun for more than 5 minutes before he starts testing limits and doing things he KNOWS he shouldn't do. And the spitting is driving me crazy.

I don't know how to discipline him. He won't stay in time out, and flicking him on the cheek with my finger gets his attention for two seconds but doesn't prevent the behavior from happening again.

Woodchippers. Seriously. I can't tell you how many times I ask him if it's too late to stuff him back in.