Monday, January 15, 2007

A Pretty Good Day

Well Harper didn't take a nap today, but she did play quietly(ish) in her bed for quite a while so I suppose that counts for something.

We started our day by making waffles for Daddy. When Harper was refusing to go to sleep last night, as she often does these days, I was wracking my brain for something to tell her we were going to do today. There is some part of her mind that understands, "Cool thing x won't happen until tomorrow. Tomorrow won't happen until I sleep and wake up. Therefore, I must go to bed if I want cool thing x." Last night cool thing x = making waffles for Daddy in the morning.

Harper had great fun helping me pour the ingredients together and then stirring. Of course all good things must come to an end; Harper was very disappointed that she couldn't actually help me pour the batter into the hot waffle iron. Didn't seem like a good idea, you know, since she listens to me so well these days. . .

So breakfast was nice, but the real joy in the day came when I told Harper that Andrea had called and asked us to come over and play after breakfast. I actually told Harper this bit of information before getting her out of her crib this morning. She got very excited and then very quiet, and said, "Dana is my fren (friend)."

Little did we know, Dana now has dress up clothes. Harper, having little to no exposure to ballet, as far as I'm aware, was inexplicably thrilled to don a dancer costume. There were lots of things to delight the eyes, yards of tulle, velvety pink fabrics, things that shimmered, and sunglasses, which no diva/dancer/queen is complete without. The girls were quite content to dress up and then leap and run and climb around like maniacs.

The unfortunate part of dress up is the disappointment, and ensuing tantrum, that comes when you realize you can't actually wear that ballerina getup all day -- especially when it's thirty-seven degrees and raining -- and your mother strips you down and puts you back in your plain old clothes.


Erin said...

Both the girls are adorable. So is Matt okay with the balleria stuff? Or does that rank up there with cheerleading?

Megan said...

Thanks for the birthday card!!! and the adorable picture of Harper :) Looks like she is enjoying play time with friends and dress up....

Take care,