Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wait! It's Still Us!

Hello and Happy 2007! Blogger has undergone some changes, requiring me to update this format, so I am trying a slightly different layout. Feel free to weigh in on the change. I liked the way photos looked on the dark background, but perhaps this one is easier to read?

We had a wonderful Christmas, celebrated in Ohio and in Wisconsin. It will probably be about June before we figure out how to fit all the new items into our home. It's a toy minefield in the living room right now. After all the events of the last two weeks I have no idea where to begin with an update. For now I'll just say that we had a fabulous time throughout the Midwest and I'm sad that the holidays (and my break from school) are over.

Posting may be sporadic in the next few days as we readjust to a school schedule.

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