Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Are You Ready for Some Football?

I am apparently one of about 12 people in the United States who actually gets excited about preseason football. I get excited because I LOVE football season! I love it even more this year, which is probably Brett Favre's last, and trust me, I will be watching all the Packer Football I can get my eyes on. As you may remember from last winter, the brainwashing begins early in our house. The Packers didn't fare so well in their preseason opener, but I have faith, Cheeseheads always have faith. Every year I truly believe that we can win the Super Bowl, even when Matt is willing to bet me fifteen hours of rubbing my feet that you know where is more likely to freeze over than the Packers are to win 8 games this season. Oh we'll just see about that!

I have been preparing Harper for the onset of the actual football season by teaching her some important language and football actions. We are working on "Go Packers!" which may prove confusing, since she just learned "Go Dragons!" And she is working on her end zone dance:

See! She's even giving the dog a, "Yeah, I know you'd like to be as good as me, but it's never gonna happen," look.

I am so proud.


Anonymous said...


Trust me the Packers will win at least 8 games this year. I wouldn't lie to you!!



Erin said...

Dang, she really is the cutest little cheesehead in the history of cheeseheads. I can't wait to see her in only THREE WEEKS!!

Shannon said...

I am so proud that the two of you have faith in the packers. Harper is by far the cutest packer fan...no offense Kelsey. I can't wait to see you in a couple of days.