Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hello From The Land of Cheese and Beer

Dear Internet People,

I am having a great time here in Wisconsin. There are parks, new toys, lots of people to play with, and Blue's Clues every day because Grandma and Grandpa have the kind of cable with more than seven channels. Being on vacation seems to mean that I can have more than one cup of juice in a day, get a snack anytime if I tell Grandma, "please," and get to stay up late because so many people want to play with me and some of them don't get home from work until dinner time. It is really fun here. I miss Rebound but I think he has to keep Daddy company until Daddy comes up here too. Then Rebound will keep Nana and Dziatku and Aunt Meaghan company until we all get home.

I have to sleep in the basement bedroom here. I didn't like that at first but now it is okay. Mommy lets me have a book in bed because I read it to my baby and then I don't cry too much, just a little to see if she will really let me stay up even later. This doesn't actually work.

The best parts of the trip so far have been the neat park with a fire truck play thing and a big sandbox with a new sand turtle toy Grandma bought for me.

I also liked playing tea party with Auntie Shannon. And playing with her in the basement. I like her a lot but I am pretending to be shy because I don't see her very much in Ohio. I am getting used to her and she is fun. She got me an Elmo t-shirt about being Irish and I like Elmo.

Another fun game is running races on the deck with Grandpa. But I don't like it very much when Mommy makes me come inside and so I crossed some grumpy arms at her. The running game is much better than pjs and bed. Mommy should know that.

My mommy knows that she has lots of things to write to you about like my play day with Dana (it was really great that day!) and our trip from a long time ago to the kids' museum in Indiana. She will write about these things on another day. Today it got to be my turn but now I really have to go to bed.

I love you!


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