Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Week in Wisconsin: Wednesday

Wednesday was a fairly busy day in Wisconsin. Harper was pretty good at entertaining herself when we were at the condo. She must have spent a good half an hour trying to walk in my shoes.

At the (slow) rate her feet seem to be growing, this activity could keep her busy well into her grade school years.

Since Wednesday was a beautiful day, we took a long walk up to another park. It was on this walk that I took the picture of the unfortunate real estate sign. There were swings, slides, a merry-go-round, and various climbing structures at this park. Guess what Harper played in. . . Yes, the sand. How did you know?

We decided to take the long way around to get home, since it was so gorgeous, and our potential cranky-pants was in a pretty good mood. It took a little longer than we thought, once Harper insisted on pushing the stroller.

Harper loves to push, unfortunately she can't steer or even see when she pushes. Every once in a while she'll peek out from under the stroller to make sure we're still with her, but she's pretty much just off to the races. Harper and I have actually walked the length of several malls this way; she pushes while I steer. People laugh as we walk by, but it's a good way to kill a little time and let the Energizer Bunny run off some steam.

Wednesday ended with a nice long bath in Muga's tub. My mom showed Harper how to keep warm by keeping a washcloth on her back. They had a fabulous tea party with the bath water. Harper only drank a little.

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