Friday, September 04, 2009


Harper had a great first week of school, and celebrated it by coming home with a terrible cold!


She's actually quite a trooper during the day, but oh, those sick nights. She wakes up crying, worked up beyond understanding, and there is nothing to do but help her calm down and hopefully sleep for another forty-five minutes. It is worse than having a newborn (although I never had a colicky newborn).

My kingdom for safe and effective kiddie NyQuil.


It seems there is a lot of yuck going around these days - having a child with a cold is getting off pretty easily, even if no one sleeps well the next couple of nights.

I wish for some peace for everyone who is having a hard time these days. Peace and a good night's sleep. Who doesn't need that?

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Lil Mouse said...

thank you! I hope you get some rest. we are definitely hitting hard times over here. or at least I am, mentally speaking.