Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some Things I Love

It is no secret that I love books, and reading, and reading books with my children, and watching my children enjoy books, etc., etc.

Michael has always been a book fan, in one way or another. In fact, when we were working on his mobility with the physical therapist we used the book basket to motivate him. He would crawl to it or sit propped against it or work on strength by holding himself off the floor and emptying the books at the same time. Right now he will pull books off the shelf in his room and hold them out to me while signing, "please." How awesome is that? Of course sometimes he only wants to hear the first two pages before he is asking to get down again...

I LOVE watching Michael interact with books. He can frequently be found emptying book baskets or taking books off shelves. Lately he's also been "reading" to himself. This is the best because it also involves another thing I LOVE - baby gibberish! I am fully aware that this is probably just a mother thing, but I could listen to baby babble all day long, especially once they reach the point where it sounds like that have something so important to say, but have forgotten that I don't speak Martian, and so they just go on and on in this foreign sounding language. So yeah, Michael reads to himself in Martian.

I decided to try to capture this with the video camera, but the first tries were epic fails because the camera just kept distracting Michael. This is one of many takes that totally cracks me up, even if I didn't get the footage I was going for:


I was smarter the next time I tried to film him, I was sitting futher away, and up in a chair, so the video camera wasn't at his eye-level. And yes, it was on the first football Sunday of the season, and yes, both my children were in Packer clothes. :-) Please note the cushion that Michael is sitting on, it has become his reading seat. He has gotten into the habit of pulling it off the couch and plonking down on it to read his books.


His waving is pretty cute, too.


Emily said...

I think the best part is the CUSHION. That is pretty much hilarious.

Giselle said...

I love the seriously in his face while he "reads". I love the waving. I love that Harper must get in on the action and be filmed as well. I love the expression in your voice when you tell her you will film her...patient but unenthusiastic.

And I have the strongest feeling that I want to live next door to you so that Harper and Andrew can date and Michael and Michael can be best friends. And Lily can boss them all around. ;)

CARRIE said...

I love it too when my kids are eager-beavers to read. Yesterday, N's teacher sent home the book order forms, and I completely ignored my children so I could put them together and peruse all the goodies.

I can't help but think when a parent is as excited as we are about reading it is contagious!

JM said...

I am officially not allowed to watch Michael videos at work, I was cracking up! I agree, the face is priceless as Michael "reads". Can't wait to see those two... it is a shame it won't be until November.

Chris said...

I have to think that adults sound like that to him, you know? Sort of like Charlie Brown? :)

He clearly knows what he is saying, and it won't be long now until he actually reads the book to you in words we understand. Very cute, both of them.

tracy of 101 said...

I laughed out loud at this! Michael is AWESOME.

bluedaisy said...

Michael reading- he just couldn't be any cuter!! Love his sincerity and of course, the cushion :)

Nan said...

OHMYLORD, so cute. I can't wait until Edward does stuff like that!