Monday, September 07, 2009

Hanging In...

Fortunately Michael is fine - I'm sorry it took me all day to post that update.

He just has a nasty virus that's going around, but his lungs and ears were clear and it isn't strep.

The trip to urgent care was worth it, just to know there wasn't something wrong that we were ignoring. No antibiotics necessary, but they did give him Motrin and I swear that stuff is magic. Harper was never very sick when she was as young as Michael and we never had Motrin for her until she was much older - it never occurred to me to look for infant Motrin. But Motrin helped us sleep and nap and sleep some more!

Everything looks better after a little sleep.

Of course Matt and I are now feeling the cold come our way, but I guess we won't wake the children up throughout the night as retribution. That would be pretty cruel.


Swistle said...

Oh, whew!

Sara said...

I'm glad that it is nothing serious! I hope you all feel better soon. Oh, and Motrin must be made by the gods! Ally had the flu during Christmas of 07, and Motrin is the only reason she had enough energy to open presents! Motrin was one of the first things we bought once Kelly hit 6 months! ;o)

tracy of 101 said...

Oh I FEEL for you!! We are just getting rid of this ourselves. Both girls are over the worst of it, now if only the lingering snot would GO HOME already!
love you mucho

Emily said...

I'm so relieved! I was thinking as I went to bed last night...wait! Kelsey never posted an update, I hope everything is ok!

And I'm seriously impressed that Michael has never had Motrin before now?!?!? I literally cannot tell you how many bottles David has had life. I bet it's 10 plus. Wonder if I'm a Motrin wimp? You haven't had to use it for teething either?